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Knit designer Julie Finocchiaro keeps it cozy in Nashville

Hi!  I'm Julie Finocchiaro designer of the Gentle Swirls Lampshade Cozy Workshop.

Have you ever used knitting in an unconventional way?  The inspiration for creating this knitted lampshade cover came about after a major life changing event.  After living in northern New England for almost 20 years my husband's company asked us to relocate to Nashville.  The opportunity was too good to pass up and we were excited about the change.

The thought of being able to wear flip-flops in November was really enticing too.  I was so busy packing and getting ready for the move that I never considered how living in a totally different climate would affect my knitting and thus the business I had created around it.  While packing I realized that since I had more wool sweaters, scarves, hats, socks, etc. than I could possibly wear down there, I would have to come up with another direction for my knitting passion.  I've always loved knitting lace and thought that would be a good place to start.  The lampshade cozy came to me one day when I held up a piece of lace I was knitting, in front of my desk lamp.  I loved the way the light illuminated the stitches and the pattern it made on the wall next to the lamp.

In about a week every lampshade in our house was covered with a different lampshade cozy.  Some lacy, some with cables, some with ribs, I found a new love!  The lampshade cozies led to new ideas like my knitted wedding garter:

I love making felted bags which are typically considered a cold weather accessory.  Not anymore!  I created the Nashville Hipster with a fabric strap so it looks more like a year-round bag:

Even before all of our boxes were unpacked I had already visited the local yarn store.  I was wearing a lightweight scarf I had created out of sock yarn, since I had loads of sock yarn and no need for more socks!  One of the ladies there asked where I got the pattern, I went home typed up the directions, took some pictures and the Handpaint Scarf Pattern was added to my Etsy shop:

I've always carried a small notebook with me wherever I go because I never know when a knitting idea will come to me and I want to be able to write it down (no matter how crazy it is!).  I'm looking at knitting differently now.  I love the coziness of knitted items and am inspired by thinking up unexpected ways in which to use knitting!  I hope you are inspired to try my Gentle Swirls Lampshade Cozy Workshop and take your knitting in a new direction!

Unbelievable!  It just started snowing!  You'll have to excuse me, I'm going to go grab one of my cozy hand knit sweaters, a pair of mittens, a hat and a scarf and go outside to enjoy this while I can, I may be wearing flip-flops tomorrow!!

See more of my projects on, and visit my Etsy shop!


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I know just what you mean about living in the south! My husband, daughter and I lived in Memphis for a couple years in the mid ’90’s! Beautiful sunsets, warm springs, HOT summers and mild fall and winters! I, too, had all my sweaters, mittens and down filled Nebraska outerwear in boxes!

Your lampshade cozies and lightweight lace scarves are perfect for that part of the US and beyond!

Best and Happy New Year,


Would you consider knitting a lacy cover for your notebook? Maybe you could include a pocket for pen and. Whatnots. Love your ideas.


Well, I am happy that there may be some new patterns for those of us living in the south. I really struggle with trying to find patterns that I can use for warm weather. I want to continue to knit but don’t really want to make something I will only use for a few times a year. So I am looking forward to some new ideas!


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