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Guest Post: How “KnitChic” Grace Mcewen Fell in Love with Indie Design

I have only been publishing my designs for a few years publicly but I have to admit I was always changing, tweaking and altering patterns to fit my tastes and needs.  In fact for many projects I never used a pattern at all.  My knitter friends said give designing a try and like everyone else I needed a little extra income to help with the bills.  I tried and what do you know I fell in love!

When asked to write about why I choose to design indie patterns I tried to think long and hard.  I was looking for a deep meaningful answer that would make readers go wow.  In reality, I design Indie patterns because I just love doing it!

Each day I have new ideas and thoughts on what I would like to try to knit.  Sometimes they are simple styles like the Simply Ribbed Scarf which is a free pattern.  Sometimes they are a little more involved like RainDrop Shawl.

A delicate lace shawl that is a bit difficult to get started but once you get it going the pattern becomes easier and the end shawl is enchanting. Often times they include some type of leaf because, well I just love to knit them!  Leaves add a special touch to a scarf or sweater that seems a bit unexpected.  They also add interest when knitting them, which can be that helpful push to continue on.  Rosebud is one of those fun leaf projects that keeps me thinking - just one more leaf.

I love conversing with knitters from around the world and love to see pictures of the fabulous projects they complete everyday.  Each time I publish a pattern, knitters add their own special touch.  Sites like Craftsy and Ravelry allow me to view their pictures and wonder at their creativity.

When I design patterns, I try to think how can this pattern evolve through different yarn weights, fibers and colors.  I think- is there a short version, could there be a long version?  I want knitters to purchase a pattern and knit it often!  My book -  gives the knitter several knit leaf stitch designs and allows them to knit several projects or design their own project.


The Vineyard Vest pattern can be used as a template for other knitted leaf patterns within the book to allow the knitter value and flexibility.

While I have designed patterns for some magazines, I prefer to publish the patterns myself.  The ability to directly converse with the customer is a great aspect of the Indie pattern.  I love to hear what individuals liked and disliked about the patterns.

This is the best way to improve my pattern writing and although I will never achieve a pattern that everyone loves I can get a little closer.  When a knitter purchases a pattern from me, I want them to feel like we are friends. 

If there is a question, dislike or confusing section - let me know!  Feel free to contact me and ask!  Don't suffer in silence, because I am there to help, improve and hopefully add a bit of knitting happiness to the knitter world!


june harris

what aclever lady. love the designs. your attitude is wonderful..sharing your knowledge with us novice knitters gives us encouragement to try to experiment .thank you


beautiful work!!!!


I have been knitting for 55 years and love patterns. I love the way you are doing things.

Bonnie San Pietro

Looking at your patterns is so wonderful. The beauty in the designs makes me want to feel the textures and make them myself. Everything I have seen is pure genius. Thanks.

Elizabeth Thomas

These lacy designs are beautiful.ff

Tracey Sullivan

Greetings from Winter Park, Fl….not really some place you would expect many knitters because of the temperatures, but we are here!! I am a beginner and just this week learned to do a cable. I am finishing a Ravelry simple cable scarf and just saw your Twisted Devine Neckwarmer and fell in love. Is that one of your patterns? I would love to try it – I know how to knit and purl but have not done lace patterns. It looked a little more bulky and that makes my eyes happy. (I don’t like working with little needles…Never responded to a blog before and fairly new to all of this but love the possibilities and meeting new people with “common threads”.

Karen Lincoln

Beautiful designs


love your work. you have a good mind.


love your designs. i may buy your book.


Being a newbe, and I get very happy and motivated just thinking that with practice I will be able to knit projects like these.. TY

Evelyn Smith

I love your patterns. I love the look of lace and also love to knit lace. Keep creating more.
Thank you, Evelyn


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