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Guest post: Alton DuLaney on Feather Gift Wraps

In this guest blog post, Craftsy instructor Alton DuLaney shares his top tips for wrapping gifts using feathers.

A big trend this year from the catwalks to the sidewalks is feathers. They are fluffing up everywhere, as hair ornamentation, as jewelry, on skirts and handbags and on all manner of decor items. As I am always looking for new and exciting ways to brighten up my gift wrap technique, I decided to incorporate some of the feather magic into my own wraps.

1. The easiest is by adding a feather boa to a wrapped gift. I think this would make a great gift for a bride, or for New Years. Plus, once it is opened, then the recipient can wear the boa for the rest of the aprty. I also love the play on words Bow-a!

2. For a sleeker, more sophisticated look, I have added some black feather 'pads' on top of a simple black wrap, then embellished it with a shiny gold ribbon. Any fashionista would be delighted to receive such an elegant gift.

3. For just a little touch of charm, tuck some feather 'fringe' into a belly band. This adds real dimension and movement to a wrap. Here, I have added a cotton candy pink feather fringe to a beautiful floral foil paper.

4. If you want to make sure your gift stands out under the Christmas tree, go wild by layering on the feathers. Here I started with a glittered paper and then added pink ostrich, peacock and pads to created a layered, festive look. Change the colors of the materials to change the mood.

5.Feather materials come on an extensive range of colors, textures, and ready to use products. On this gift, I have added quail 'tape' for ribbon, and then clipped on two feather broaches. Again, after it is open, you friend will have some beautiful feather pieces to use as well as the gift inside the box. It is what I call, "Putting the present in presentation"!

To see how all these ideas work together, check out my new Gift Wrap Rap video on You-Tube.

To learn even more fabulous gift-wrapping techniques, check out Alton's Paper Arts online class. If you sign up through this blog post, you can take the course for just $14.99!



For very spacial gifts…


I personally do not like the feather look !

Char Langley

I love your ideas!!!! Can you tell me where you got the white feathers on the silver package?
Keep the good ideas coming. 🙂

patricia middleton

Don’t turn your nose up at feathers. I am not on the feather rage either but every embelishment has its place and the texture and colors of feathers is not to be ignored. They are easy to deal with, widley available, use a little or use a lot but you will find something to your liking.

Kelly O.

Love these ideas!
I used to be very inventive in my wrapping but became more and more aware of the environment and began leaving off the more luxurious wrapping as I felt it was wasteful–but feathers can be reused in crafting fun–love it!


As I am always looking for new and exciting ways to brighten up my gift wrap technique.I have added a cotton candy pink feather fringe to a beautiful floral foil paper.Change the colors of the materials to change the mood.

elvis navarro

love these ideas am going to try them myself thanks

elvis navarro

very good ideas thanks for the info

Mauro Horton

The idea looks great. I do not have all the material required but one thing is for sure once I get all the stuff that I have ordered from papermart, I am going to make some good wraps.


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