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The Great Sock War – Which Side Are You On?

As I previously posted, I've been embedded in the trenches of the Great Sock War, following Donna Druchunas. On one side of the battle, it's the cuff-down knitters, and on the other, it's the toe-up camp. Donna's on a mission to end this timeless war and bring its fiercely opposed factions together to keep feet everywhere adorably adorned and toasty warm.

And now Donna is ready to reveal her revolutionary strategy to make peace - she is teaching not just one, but TWO sock knitting classes:

Knit Original Cuff-Down Socks Knit Original Toe-Up Socks

If, like Donna, you want to make peace, sign-up for both classesโ€ฆ or stand strong for your side by choosing to take only the class covering your favorite technique. Either way, we urge you to enlist now! Regularly, these classes are $59.99, but in the spirit of this season of sock knitting peace, we are making these important, essential, historic classes available for just $29.99 each!


DeeAnna Swanson

I’ve always been known as the peacemaker in my family, so I’ll be signing up for BOTH classes. Of course, one might say that it is a perfect strategy to know both techniques because I could quite possibly win the war singlehandedly! LOL

This is so much fun! Thank you, Donna Druchunas & Craftsy!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

Carma Lea

I am definitly a fan of toe-up socks, which can be knitted two at a time, so they are finished at the same time, they are the same size every time and they can be tried on as you go to insure a perfect fit!


Pretty sure you can knit cuff down 2 at a time as well.:)

I am also a toe up knitter. My reason is because I can then knit the cuffs until I run out of yarn. No bits of left over yarn.


Haha, who knew knitting socks was so much trouble? I would totally side with this war, but sadly I can’t knit… =]

Elizabeth Badoud

I crochet from the cuff down. I think it is funny that there would be a ?war over knitting socks.
As long as they are handmade either should be great!

rita burton

i attempted to knit a pair of socks for my teenage daughter ahem yonks ago. when i was on night duty. big mistake gave up thumbs down and as for 4 needles a big no no . sorry.i do knit too..z

Patty McWhorter

I have knit both ways and will stay neutral in the war. I have knit socks for a long time now and love hand-knitted socks better than boughten socks. So someone else will have to determine who wins the war as I like both methods for various reasons.

Ruth Anne Wlye

I finally got a pair of these knitted. I mostly crochet, so I crocheted a pair and they’re really nifty, I also, so I’m thinking about perhaps trying to sew a pair(?).I gave my Sister-In-Law the idea, she knits all the time.


I’m getting pretty good at the cuff down technique and I can even do both socks at once on two circulars, but I’m open minded, so I may sign up for a toe-up class.


I guess I will have to stand on the sidelines of this one and cheer on everyone. I knit over 30 pairs of socks a year top down, toe up, one at a time, two at a time using dp’s and/or circs depending on the mood, season, pattern, yarn and time. This still sounds like a fun thing so I will stay tuned.


I’m bisoxual, I knit both cuff down and toe up! I’ve done cuff down more often, but there are some really cool toes and designs that I love with toe-up techniques.


what about a choice for those of us who are still struggling with socks and have no idea?

Stefanie Japel

Maybe you should take both, so you’ll be familiar with both methods & can then take a side! ๐Ÿ™‚

Jacquelyn Case

Some patterns say to start at the toe,
but, we can always on the other end go.
Making the stitches of knit or crochet,
we always end up the very same way.
With a pretty, colorful handmade pair,
to give a loved one, to show that we care.
On which end we start does not matter, really,
as we continue to be crafter’s and silly!


I knit both ways magic loop two at a time. My friends call me the sock queen as I have knit over 100 pairs of socks. I prefer cuff down, but will do toe up if the pattern requires it or I have little yarn & want to use every last bit.

Gwennie Cole

I haven’t ever knit a pair of Toe-Up socks! I didn’t know one could. I shall have to take Donna’s Course and try a pair before I can vote in the war.

Karen B

I have done socks both ways; I like doing toe-up better. I feel they go faster for me and can a pair of socks done a day if I had nothing else to do. So far I have 10 pair of hand knit socks. I’ve been working on wearing out my store bought socks so all I have left are my hand knit ones.
I just got a 47inch size 1 circular needles, I plan to try to make two pair of socks at a time with these. I think the cable is long enough. I saw a gentleman making seven pair of socks at a time… pretty awome!!


I love it!! “Bisoxual”. LOL!!! I go both ways, depending on the pattern. ๐Ÿ™‚

Chris Jukes

I have voted for toe up. After years of knitting toe down on 4 DPN’s I need to learn the enemies point of view. It’s only when we understand each other through knowledge that true peace will avail!

Ahem……….what abaout the sideways knitters?????????

Andi B

I love socks! what can I say! toe up, cuff down. I love socks. dpns, two circulars, magic loop! wood or metal, one at time or two together, I love socks. I have of late have become addicted to two at time on magic loops. Seems more efficient to me and the I can move to the next pair. Love socks.


I have only knitted cuff down socks, so if i take the course on toe up will I be a peace-maker? any special on taking both, like $10 off? Just askin’


Call me Switzerland! ๐Ÿ™‚ I like both approaches. It’s fun to ‘conquer’ both techniques with any weapon –dpn, circular, magic loop or whatever-works-at-the-time.
Thanks for the classes!


any which way works for me, always good to know both and refresh what you do, so Ill do both classes.


Donna, is the Knit Original Cuff Down class the same at your Knit Sock Workshop? I’m already signed up for that class. Thanks

Win Sinclair

I find that toe up socks go much faster.However I find it hard to knit Argyles this way.
My adult kids love my multi striped no two socks the same. Four different socks gives one many different pairs…never boring !!

Susan P

Quik heartfelt “Thanks” to DeeAnna from 12/27 post. Couldn’t be sure but looked like an Air Force emblem on your post. Hoping the sock war is the only war you’ll have to fight soon!!!

Now about these socks………..I’m an avid knitter but socks elude me. Cuff down, toe up, sideways, backwards, inside out, right side in….they elude me entirely and take forever to complete. Biggest problem…..I lose the first one by the time I get halfway thru the second. I’m siding with whichever technique addresses a total lack of organization and/or far too many unfinished knitting projects! Of course I’ll be taking both classes to find out. Til then.. safety in the trenches, let’s avoid those needle pokes to the eyes!! :))


aaah – but that is just why you should try 2 at a time on a long circular needle using a magic loop – that way you don’t get ‘second sock syndrom’. Myself i have only tried cuff down and find that works for me and feel a bit ‘if it’s not broken don’t fix it’! But maybe i’ll try a toe up sometime.

i find taking socks to knit on holiday is brilliant as they are small to pack away. i’m doing some long train journies on holiday next month and am starting to plan what to take with me to knit on the train.

Parking Princess

I thought you meant that the sixth Sock Wars battle had started on Ravelry and I had missed the sign-up. I can knit either direction but personally prefer toe-up two-at-a-time (since I can try it on as I go AND if I run out of yarn the socks are cuffed where they are). To each their own, I say.


I’m a cuff down knitter can never manage the toe part first. I would love to learn how to crochet sox also I was taught as a child but have since forgotten but I am a keen knitter and I’m always being asked to make sox but I think that which ever way u find easiest and best for yourself to knit then that is how u should continue


Toe up is wonderful if you don’t like seam or closing the toes. I can knit them much faster using toe up. I have found i can work most patterns with very little effort.


Like you, Iprefer to knit toe up – no fiddly grafting of toe stitches (just fiddly fancy cast ons so it all looks the same!)


I’m going to investigate both camps. I’ve struggled with socks so far and would really like to master them. I know one – toe-up, and it was gigantic!!! Tried to read my way through cuff down on circulars – couldn’t get the hang of that either. So what better way than to have some one show me both. At the moment, I’m leaning toward toe-up – as I DID finish that one, but I’d love to be able to to two at a time on circular needles. Hope you cover that Deb.
Should be fun.


I crochet both ways! Even do slipper socks with starter bottoms!
I’m learning to knit, but still feel like I’m all thumbs! Just wish I’d been a better student when my Grandma tried to teach me both.
I was young and motor skills weren’t the greatest. Better now but not by much. LoL


Ready to learn ToeUp!


Toe up and two at a time!! I love that I can do a seamless toe, never have to worry if I have enough yarn, and doing two at once means I don’t lose interest before finishing the project. Go toes!

Cathy Troutman

I confess….I have paid to learn how to knit toe up socks with Donna but haven’t even really LOOKed at how to do it yet. It is so deeply ingrained in me to knit cuff down since I started at 10 years old knitting socks which is pretty darn close to 60 years ago. If I see a sock pattern I like in toe up, I alter it and knit it cuff down….not always with spectacular results, lol. And somehow, knitting with two circular needles does not look easier. But, I know that I do need to “get with the times” and try something new so that is next on my list after I finish my toe up kneehighs (altered) for my two year old granddaughter, another granddaughters cuff down socks that are half finished, and another granddaughters knee highs in cuff down and will be the fourth pair of this style I have knitted. I’m setting a goal!


I have just enrolled in Donna’s toe up class and have finished one pair of toe up socks and must say that the fit was nice but my techniques need perfecting especially in the area of the short row. I have made several pairs of cuff down socks so my experience is better with that form of knitting. I think I am leaning toward toe up just because of the fit.

Patty B

I can knit both, but I love toe up with Judy Becker’s Magic cast on and a German short row heel. I do about two pair a week for charity.


Much ado about nothing. I have been knitting for more than 65 years, have used several methods, and have one that I find to be most comfortable to knit, produces a sock that wears well, fits well, is adaptable to most patterns.
My suggestion is to “leave to battle to those that enjoy battles” seek your own comfort spot, and get on with life and socks. Your feet, and not your temper need the exercise and warmth.

Janet Clark

what about sideways? I have knit a couple pair that way too. The math is a little tedious, but worth it. It was much easier to adapt fir my very narrow feet. I have used all three methods and had good luck with each. Toe up is a littke dicey if you don’t know the exact size you need if you’re making a gift. Top down is easier to adjust.


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