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We’re “Meeting Up” and You’re Invited!

We have so enjoyed watching the Craftsy community grow to over 350,000 members that we’d like to throw a party, and we’d love for you to come!

Mark your calendars on January 26, 2012 for the Worldwide Craftsy Meetup Party.

We’ve partnered up with to help host Craftsy parties worldwide.

What is a Craftsy Meetup Party?

A great opportunity for crafters just like you to get together and talk about your projects, meet other people, and share ideas and inspiration.

Here are some ideas for things that you might want
to do at your Craftsy party:

  • Try a stash exchange.
  • Bring a recently finished project & show off
    what you’ve been working on.
  • Rent a movie to watch while crafting together
    (we recommend “Handmade Nation”).
  • Host a yarn tasting.
  • Work on a charity project together.
  • Have a kids’ crafting table.
  • Share techniques, do crafty demonstrations,
    or set up a make & take.

How you can get involved?

We’ve created a Craftsy Meetups Everywhere page at where you can join a Craftsy community in your area.

STEP 1:  Find the Craftsy Party community in your area. Click on the name of your city, and hit RSVP to join.

STEP 2: Become a Craftsy party organizer and set a location for your Craftsy party. Some suggestions are: your local coffee shop, a public library, a restaurant, or another public meeting space.

For those of you who live in the Denver / Boulder metro area, we will be having one here and we’d love to meet you! We’ll have lots of activities, prizes, goody bags, and some great food! Details will be coming soon.

For everyone else, join your local community and set a location for your party. We’ll be sending out a fun goodie box full of party favors, supplies, and other crafty goodies to the 10 Craftsy party locations with most RSVPs by January 5, 2012.


Gwen Bowlby-Smith

I’m very interested in taking part of the Craft day in London, ON, Canada – is anyone heading it up?
This is a great idea 🙂 … Gwen

Sandie Rittner

Hello- just joined! Looking forward to see what happens here! My husband and I are currently openin a craft studio, you may look at our website, however it is still underconstruction of adding more information. We will be featuring glass mediums of all kinds. We have a lobby for visitors to relax and watch instructional videos if desired. Or if grandma wants to be part, while daughter is “crafting” granny can come knit if so desired. Look forward to your website and being part of it!!
Sandie Rittner


Where is your studio, as there is nothing where i live good luck with your new venture x

Stefanie Japel

If you don’ t see a meetup in your city, why not just RSVP. Maybe others are shy, too! 🙂 (We are located in Denver, CO.)

Ardeth Gentry

Sure would like to see one of these close to Lewisville, AR but know of nothing of this type going on at all.

diane wimberley

I know of no one in Bolivia, SA and my bud get doesn’t allow travel to another country. If there are other craftsy members in Bolivia, I would be pleased to host a meet up in either Cochabama or La Paz. Please contact me prior to January 15 via with bolivian craftsy meet up in the subject line.

Anna Colceriu

Hi ! My name is Anna. I live in Abbotsford, BC . Canada. Just joined Craftsy. Does anybody organise a Craftsy meeting in this area in the near future ? if yes, please let me know. Thank you. I do all kind of crafts including ” Tatting with shuttle and needle” .

Mira Pajak

Hi, Anna! I am new to Craftsy as well and obviously new to the craft itself, I don’t even know what Tatting is, LOL. I live in Surrey BC and would like to visit if a meeting would be organized somewhere in Lower Mainland. I do a quilt project here and there, kind of design my own, recently started looking at the pros and how it is done elsewhere.


I will have to check out a meet up, but what I would really like is for people to learn how to use Craftsy, specifically where to find the pattern for a project. My project pages are filled with comments asking for the pattern, when the link to it is already posted right there on the project page.


Anyone in or near Georgetown, Ohio setting up a craftsy meeting?

Nadine Nesbitt

I have just decovered this site and find it interesting. Is there any one here in Jamaica that is apart of this club?

judi kennedy

i really need help learning on knitting and i don’t drive and the bus stop running at 7pm

louisa Johnson

I would love to see one meeting going in our area,

Tammy Wishman

anyone hosting a get together i would like to know. any one in marrinette area? my husband does wonderful jobs on quilts. I would love to show any one the queen size quit he made for our bed, he sewed by hand 90%.i think u would love to see his work and he’s teaching me to sew!

Joelene Didora

Would like to do something I’m in Wpg. Man. Canada

Mary Kay

Is anyone else from Windsor, ON?

Diane WIlliams

Good morning!
Just found this great meet-up information. RSVD’d for my location, Lakeland, FL

Stefanie Japel

GREAT! I’m sure you’ll have fun at the party! 🙂

Marie cepkauskas

Any craftsy meetings on cape cod

Ellen ~ wildaboutcolor

I know there are a lot of crafters in my area. I see them and talk with them at our local yarn store. I just don’t know if they visit here or the internet at all. I’m happy just being a part of the online community. I’ve met ladies from all over the world with each their own unique touch of handmade items. We share our tecniques and made up patterns and we have so much fun! Life is so full of surprises, who knows, there might be a chance of meeting :’} I joined from New Iberia, Louisiana.

Blanca Medina

I will love to host one in Tarrytown New York, but I have to look the place…


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