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Thank You Craftsy Community… I Am in Awe of You.

"Is today's mail here yet?"

I try to ask this question with a tone of casual indifference, as if I am only expecting a mix of office supply catalogs and bills to be paid... but I will admit that when I ask again, for the 5th time in the same day, I can no longer hide the fact that I'm acting like a 7 year-old, anxiously awaiting a promised present on its way from Grandma.

I'm Josh, one of the founders of Craftsy... and age 7 is now more of a distant memory than I care to admit. I'm a "business person" - which means I'm probably supposed to be working on Wall Street right now... instead, I am lucky enough to have a job I love.

check out the picture below featuring my daughter from a photo shoot for The (not so) itty-bitty Giraffe, a toy knitting class taught by Susan B. Anderson - how fun is that?


While I now live in Denver, I was born and raised in Detroit, and as a result it seems that I can't go a day without hearing a storyline so frequently repeated that it is considered a settled fact - we, as a global society, no longer make things or value those who do... and those who do not recognize our preference for low prices and instant gratification and instead choose to cling to a desire to produce the unique and handmade are the proverbial frog in the pot of rapidly warming water sitting on the stove top...

Well, if you believe this story to be true, you clearly haven't seen the mail arriving at the Craftsy office over the past few weeks.

A few weeks ago, we put a goal out to all of you in the Craftsy community, to together, as a a community, help keep kids warm this winter by making and donating 1,000 hats and blankets to Kaps for Kendall and Project Linus by December 15th. Truth is that while I loved this idea, I was more than a little shocked when I saw the first blog post announcing the specifics of the goal... I almost wrote an email to the person on our team leading this effort to tell her she was crazy. 1,000 hats and blankets?? How about 100... that seemed more reasonable.

Well, then the envelopes and packages started arriving - at first just one at a time - with beautiful, unique, handmade hats and blankets. Then more started coming... then more... then more. On Wednesday alone, 15 boxes, yes, boxes, arrived... with over a hundred hats and blankets... each one lovingly knitted, crocheted, quilted, or sewed.

I can't describe to you how in awe I am - how overwhelmingly powerful the outpouring of love and care and amazing talent is that our postal worker brings to our door each day. Over 800 hats and blankets and counting... with another month still remaining before December 15th...

I am so lucky to have the opportunity to work at Craftsy. To work on behalf of you, a community of such wonderfully talented, caring, generous, giving people. To help you learn, to help you make, to help you do what you love. To support the independent design community. It has been such a pleasure to get to know so many of you over the past several months and I look forward to the opportunity to spend time with many many more of you over the months and years ahead.

As we in the United States approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I just wanted to let you know, how thankful I am for you...

Now, when is the mail going to get here??


Hand Made Knitwear by Creative Design

Josh, beautiful words from you! There are no better people in the world than those who use their hands to create, and, you are finding, give! We that are surrounded by the things we love…yarn, fabric, books of all kinds, paint, beads, glue, sewing machines and so on, thank you for Craftsy! Truly a place to create, share and give!



This is really awesome- well done Craftsy + Craftsy community!

Tracy Dinan

How awesome! I’m gonna get to work and get some blankets in the mail!

Fatima Rosales Naya

It is just so wonderful that there are so many caring people all over the world and that society today is not just about making money fast. Sharing is more important than anything else in this world.
Keep up the amazing work that you do. Good luck and Merry Christmas to all involved in this worthy project.


I am new to this website, and I must have missed that issue of Craftsy. I wished that I had read it as I have a bag of knitted hats and some scarfs that I have done on the Knifty Knitter round loom and needles. I live in Florida and it doesn’t get at cold here as it does in Detroit. I have in the past made hats and given it to the homeless shelter along with another knitter that made scarfs. I don’t know how appreciated they were to receive them.

Joyce Antons

I did not know about your project until this very day and after seeing and reading everything I am awe struck. I’ve always known that when it comes to crafters from all over the world there is no end to their generosity. Your letter really put it all into how most of us feel. I thank all of you from Craftsy for starting the program and your decision to keep it going is applauded. I will be an active member and will get my needles clicking…One happy 70 year old.

Penny Boden

I have been involved on putting squares, both knitted and crocheted, together for child headed families in South Africa. The needed is so great in our rural areas that should you need destinations for all these lovely warm items I can point you in the right direction. Well done to everyone involved. there si no doubt that Craftsy people are giving people.
Penny Boden

Lisa Bryan

Josh your blog post has brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful chance to help out the less fortunate with your website. I hope it continues throughout the year.

Very Respectfully,

Lisa Garrett-Bryan

Ann Andle

What a wonderful project, I have been involved with the Linus Project and I know how important this is. I will start knitting and crochet again. I got a note a while ago from one of the children who received one of the blankets that I knitted and believe me, the tears just flowed. He didn’t know a grandmother and thanked me for being his. God bless all the crafters that picked up their needles and yarn.

Liberty Levon-Gagnon

I just heard and read about your joyful project. I’m truly sorry I missed this Year,but I’m going to spread the word to all my knitting circles and visited knit shops, and will be ready for next year. May all good Joy and true Blessing be shared by all.

caraline Howden

Talk about a tear jerker at this our of the morning, I havent even had my breakfast yet. 7.47am here in The land of the long white cloud (N.Z.) Cant say anymore other that absolutely awesome!!!!!


I missed this when it was first posted. Are there any plans to keep this going through the year?



I am new to this website . After reading your letter and everybody’s reply i don’t have anything else to say. I am so fortunate that I have found this community. Good luck and happy holidays to you and every member of this community.


This will be something I can work on though out the year for next year!

Darlene Samelson

I am new to the Craftsy community, but it was truly a pleasure working on those hats. This was my first project to donate, but will not be my last. Thank you Josh for the kind, heartfelt words. This just makes you want to keep on sewing. Happy Holidays to everyone!!!!


Sorry I missed this project when it was first posted, so like many others, I will begin to quilt and sew my contributions for next year. I am not surprised at the tremendous response, the quilters, crafter, and sewing people that I have known throughout the many years of fairs and festivals that I have participated in, are truly awesome people. They are very talented and quick to share when the need arises. For those who have already contributed, God Bless You and may your blessings be ten-fold for what you have done!

Pat R.

Jan Horsfall

As Rell Sun used to say: “Give and give and give until you can’t give anymore – then you give again.” I’ll bet this gets bigger and bigger and bigger every year.

Deborah Evans

ThanksJosh for the pep talk, I have to get started on some new hats so you will have something to look for in the mail. Let’s keep those postmen working, knit and sew everyone, lets save the postal service, while we keep those little bodies warm.

Robin Berry

is this going to be an ongoing effort or did it end on 12/15. i have not been online in a bit & just learned of this effort. i have a stack of crocheted hats in my bedroom that i have made throughout the year. i am on disability so and love to crochet. i don’t have alot of money now that i am on a fixed income so i craft & put away my little projects until christmas. i then pull everything out & try to decide who each peice reminds me of and that is how i decide who receives them. 🙂 this year i have several hats left over. i normally donate the leftovers to the UNC hospital in chapel hill nc to be given to the cancer patients or the childrens goes to the neonatal unit. if this is going to continue after christmas i would love to be a part of this effort as well. god bless everyone who has contributed. crafters are very giving people. it is wonderful to be given a god-given talent that can help so many. MERRY CHRISTMAS…

Suzanne Staples

Thank you for sharing! Crafters are some of the most giving people that I know. I am encouraged to use up my stash and piles of leftover yarn for those in need.
God bless you all and blessed Christmas!

Cami Belcourt

Hi Josh:
I only want to say that I love the project and I had been part of one in my country, Peru. A friend has a protect like yours and she already gave 200 of blankies and hats. They were colorful, warm and full of love. Keep doing it because you are giving people more than blankies. And if one day you get “too many” donations, look for other countries to send them.

Sharon Brooksbank

Lets go for this year. I am ready.

Linda Bartling

I was just lucky to see the issue and at the time the Kaps for Kendall was at 300. I got busy and in a 2 week period did 40 hats and enjoyed every minute. I have a couple of projects on going now and when done I am going to start doing both the blankets and caps. I was also lucky to have a few friends who donated some of the yarn and ends and pieces from other projects.

Thanks for taking the time to put together the program in order to do this.


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