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Guest Blog Post: Why I Buy Indie Patterns

Rachel Hunnicutt, Craftsy member and the woman behind Cornflower Blue Studio, took a few minutes to tell us why she likes to buy patterns from Indie designers.  One of her reasons is that buying Indie is green! I hadn't thought of that before, but it's so true! Read on to see why....


As an avid crafter I’m always on the lookout for a new pattern or project – visiting sites
like Craftsy is like going to a candy store! There are so many patterns to look at, so many
techniques to learn, and so many things to make. Whether you like to knit, crochet, embroider, needle felt, or sew you can support independent pattern designers selling their wares online.

I prefer to put my dollars behind the indie designers and here is why:

1. Digital patterns save space, paper, and ink. I love the fact that I can purchase a digital pattern from an indie designer and scroll through it on my computer without printing it out. No trees are harmed, no ink is used, and I don’t have to squeeze another item into my already crammed craft space!
2. The variety is seriously amazing. Every time I check out the patterns for sale in the
creative community I am amazed by all there is to choose from. There is so much
originality out there and I want to support the people who are making the community

3. Direct communication. When you are purchasing a pattern directly from a designer you often have the ability to communicate directly with them through email. This comes
in really handy if you have a question or get stuck on particular part of the project. It’s
also fun to be able to share pictures of your project, which you can often do through the
designer’s website or Flickr group.
4. Extra information.  Because independent designers are writing and distributing the patterns themselves they can include extra explanations and photos that may not be included in mass produced pattern books. A lot of patterns are made tutorial style so you get a ton of extra hints that help you understand the steps – a big plus if you are learning to do something for the first time!

5. Good Energy.  Independent pattern designers are doing something they love and enjoy, so their patterns come with extra good energy! When you get behind their work you are sharing in that energy, supporting an artisan, and creating a strong handmade community.


Jean Moss

Couldn’t agree more and very well put. Indie designers don’t usually have yarn to sell, so sometimes don’t get the promotion they deserve.


I agree and keeps the economy going. The scarflette is super cute!


I never buy patterns from “indie designers” because they are usually people without the academic degrees needed to back up what they are selling.


why do you need a degree to sell a pattern?!?


right…what does it matter if you have a degree?


These are all excellent reasons for supporting indie pattern publishers. I’m finding that publishing patterns for sale myself is a lot more cost effective than trying to sell items I’ve made. The latter is not only labor-intensive, but requires an investment of materials and supplies which pattern publishing doesn’t. As a former technical writer and trainer, I view my patterns as mini-tutorials that allow me to add as much helpful information and supporting images (your reason #4) as I think are necessary to make sure the instructions are understood. Thanks for sharing your ideas on this topic and for supporting independent pattern publishers!


What’s and Indie Designer?


Great post, thanks! So important to support small business these days. It’s our way to Occupy Fashion!


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