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It’s a Learn-to-Crochet-Along!

The next few Fridays here on the blog will be devoted to a Learn - to - Crochet - Along! 

I'd call it a Crochet-Along, but I don't (yet) know how to crochet.

I've decided that in order to make this an equal craft-portunity blog, I should  learn to crochet, officially taking my craft addiction to a whole new level. Want to join me?

I have been crochet - curious for a LONG time. Crochet can be quick, the fabric is gorgeously textural, and the patterns have so many quirky abbreviations that it seems like I'm stepping into a whole new crafty world.

I just received a box of gorgeous crochet supplies from Knitpicks, including FOUR colors of their new Biggo Yarn (50% Merino, 50% Nylon) and two Boye crochet hooks. The yarn is chunky and bright, and I think it'll be *perfect* to learn with!

I've got tiny bit of crochet experience, but I can't read patterns, make shapes, or do anything twice (I make it up as I go!)  SO ... my main goals are to learn the basic stitches & how they're represented in patterns, how to put them together into useful shapes, and how to follow written patterns!

I'm going to start out by taking Vickie Howell's online crochet class: Crochet Lab...and if you take it along with me by clicking through this blog post, you can sign up for just $19.99!

Do you crochet? How did you learn?


Wendy C.

I taught myself to crochet from a book when I was a kid (I guess I had a natural knack for it,. My mother showed me the beautiful crocheted thread lace doilies my grandmother had made). I’d already learned to knit from my mother (and sew and crewel embroider), who made gorgeous Aran sweaters for my brothers and father. Later, I returned the favor helping her to learn crochet. She mainly knits now, while I enjoy both. I tried a big lace doily once. It was so attention-consuming and I kept making mistakes, having to rip out six rows at a time (and days of work), enough times that I just gave up! I still like making smaller things with crochet thread, but I doubt I’ll attempt a doily like that again. Filet crochet with thread is fun and easier to do. I just shy away, too easily, perhaps, from larger or longer-term projects. I love to crochet accessories because they are quick, fun and can be done in a weekend or less.

Well, I wish you good luck with your crocheting, Stefanie! You’ll get the hang of it in no time! If I can be of assistance ever, you have my email.

aase irene sullivan

I have crochet since I was a little girl can not remember what age, I use fine cotton and fine needles for lace dollies or table runners . I have also made clothes for me self and my girls made shawls,hats washing cloth in cotton and many other things . I enjoy following a printed pattern.
I will see if I have some photos of the things I have made.
It is fun and very relaxing to do. Enjoy.


I learned to crochet from a childhood friend of mine. she showed me the basics like double crochet, single crochet, and chain stiches and that is all i worked with for most of my life. then this past year i subscribed to “interweave crochet” and learned so much more. crocheting is one of my favorite pass time hobbies, i luv it!


Taught myself from a book during semester break in college many years ago. Didn’t know anyone else at the time. Crocheters sometimes aren’t as socialable and knitters seems to be in this area – no groups that I know about. Knitters seems to group up easier. Am really getting enthused again with the explosion of hip new designers for crochet!

Sonia Pereira


Are there any special conditions to get the price you offer in you post? When I click on the link, I get the regular price!

Stefanie Japel

All you need to do is clear your browesr’s cache, and the new price ($19.99) will come up. I’m enjoying learning to crochet! I bet you will, too. Hannah is sending you an email to make sure that you get the right price.

Barbara Werle

I went to Craftsy and saw the blog from the woman who is doing the “Learn- to- Crochet-Along”, and it said if I clicked on through that blog I’d be able to sign up for $19.99. I did it, but it keeps coming up as $29.99 which is steep for me right now. I have a lot of yarn, and some crochet hooks and have wanted to learn FOREVER, but if I could join for $19.99 that’s the only way I can do it. Did I click on wrong? or is the offer over?( Please let me know… I want to learn!) Thanks!!! -Barbara

Stefanie Japel

Hi Barbara! All you need to do is clear your browser’s cache, and the new price ($19.99) will come up. I’m enjoying learning to crochet! I bet you will, too. Hannah is sending you an email to make sure that you get the right price.


I learnt to crochet from You Tube videos


I think it’s terrific that you’re making that effort to learn crochet since a lot of the readers here are crocheters. I started crocheting a few years ago, teaching myself from a kids craft book and then developing my skills with practice.


Is it to late to get into the learn to crochet for $19.99? I tried it thru the blog but it still comes up for 29.99

marlys williams

my grandmother taught me when I was 6 years old.been crocheting ever is so relaxing,


I learned to crochet from a friend’s Grandmother. I’ve been crocheting off and on for over 30 years. Within the past 10 years I’ve picked it up again and have had some sort of crochet project on the hook ever since. I tend to crochet shawls, hats, scarves, and blankets. I’ve tried clothing but not successfully. Don’t know why that is but am up for learning.


My mother taught me to crochet when I was 6. I loved watching her make beautiful lace doilies!

I was an antsy and impatient child, so I think she taught me to crochet (at least partially) as a way to calm me down and teach me to have patience. I started by making beaded dresses and hats for my Barbie dolls. 🙂


I learned to crochet using videos from YouTube. I definitely would have taken Crochet Lab if I knew about it when I was learning! I am enrolled in Knit Lab though and made the scarf. Loving it!


I love seeing so many comments from people who have recently learned or are trying to learn! Awesome.
I learned to knit when I was very small, taught by one Grandma and tutored by an Aunt. When I was a teen, I learned to crochet, taught by another Grandma, who I lived with in my teens.
It is my therapy.


Oh you are going to love crochet!! I taught myself using a book and one whole week – once you have the basic stitches you are away! Good luck with learning!


Tracy Kreiling

Started crocheting at about five years old. Loved it every since. Either my mom had a lot of patience, or I was super smart! 😉 Always relaxing, and fun to play with great yarns. Plus it’s a great way to stay warm in the winter by covering up with the afghan you are currently working on. I think every room in the house needs a nice soft crocheted blanket for cuddling in.

Lucy Lastic

I have just joined the Crafty site. Good for you to start to learn crochet. It is addictive! I was taught by my Grandmother when I was about 3 years old in 1944 -45!! I’m still at it today after a huge collection of projects from baby clothes to dresses for myself, toys and table cloths and anything in beetween. My best is a sweet little handkerchief edging done in the finest thread available with a tiny hook. I hope my long departed Grandmother would have been pleased. Looking forward to seeing your progress, you will enjoy your new skill.


I know how to do some of the crochet stitches that I learned over the years. I have great difficulty with trying to read the pattern and to know where to exactly put the hook in the specific loop. I want to learn how to make baby booties and blankets.
I have tried YouTube and it has helped a great deal, since I am a visual learner.


I learned to crochet from my grandmother as a child. The basic stitches and granny squares. This year I decided to give it a go again but I found I’d forgotten, so I got help via YouTube. It was like getting back on the bike. I love it. Now I’m trying to learn how to follow patterns and I haven’t done too badly. It is so addictive. I do feel I need help though.


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