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Guest Post: About Being A “Jack-of-all-Crafts”

by Lianka Azulay of Bonita Patterns

I could not help being inspired by Stefanie Japel’s Craftsy blog post series on learning how to crochet. An expert knitter experimenting with crochet is a great thing to see! Although it is widely believed that to become an expert in any field, including in crafts, one must focus on a very narrow field of study, I find that being a “Jack-of-all-Crafts” is actually enormously more advantageous for improving craft skills and expertise.

My main crafts are knitting and crochet (at least those at which I consider myself a “decent” artisan). I love them both. I find that each has its best traits, and both have added to my knowledge of yarns, stitches and handmade fabrics. For instance, when I want to produce the best ribbed fabric, I prefer a knitted ribbing. When I want a beautiful lacey edging, I grab my crochet hook. For flowers and tri-dimensional objects, again, I’m more comfortable with crochet. Yet, when I want to wear a flattering fitted garment like a sweater, my knitting needles come out. Most of all, the strengths of each craft complement each other, so they can be combined to produce amazing designs. When I found out about Craftsy, and how it gives an “equal opportunity” to several crafts, I felt I had found my ideal craft community.

When I saw the list of online craft courses available in their site: crochet, costume design, working with felt, upcycling, knitting, sewing, jewelry making, quilting, paper crafts, home décor, I felt like a kid in a candy store.

Seriously, it was like they had read my mind on all the crafts I ever wanted to explore! Of course, I could not resist temptation, and immediately signed up for two sewing courses: Sewing Studio and Sew Retro. My grandma was a professional seamstress and I didn’t take advantage to learn from her (sigh!).

I am enjoying the freedom of the online classes. Most of all, some of the skills I learned in these sewing courses were already helpful in my crochet designing, especially when I was making my Crocodile Stitch Wedding Gown. Being a Jack-of-All-Crafts is just fine and dandy with me!

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