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Craft-Along Friday: Crochet Update!

Hi Everyone!

My Learn-to-Crochet progress continues!

I've completed my first official Finished Crochet Object! (TaDa!) Can you tell what it is?

It's the Crocheted Mobius Chunky Scarf by Craftsy Designer Creative Design.  I used one partial hank of KnitPicks Biggo in Calypso Heather and one partial hank of KnitPicks Biggo in Forest Heather. (This yarn is finer in gauge than that specified in the pattern, so I chained more sts to start & used an "N" hook.)

The pattern was easy and quick! In just about 2 hours I had a finished scarf! I even started on another one, but tried to make it in round and ended up with a I'll have to start that one over! 🙂 I still have a LOT to learn!

Here's a better photo:

The KnitPicks Biggo is really soft and works well with the crochet hook. I didn't have any problems with it at all in terms of splitting or not being able to get the hook through the stitches.

I haven't lived up to my plan to take Linda's Crochet Beyond Rectangles, but I hope to do so this week! You can still take it along with me for $29.99, though!  (If you don’t see the sale price, clear your browser’s cache and hit refresh.)
Crocheters: What factors do you look for when choosing a yarn?  Affordability? Wash-ability? A certain texture in the yarn itself?








I’ve tried and tried with crocheting! I feel a little more inspired to try it now – although I have two knitting projects (one from last spring) that are staring silently at me from my yarn basket.

Stephanie – it is so great to see you here! I follow your other blog and even though I knew you had shifted to Craftsy, it took me a while to put two and two together and visit this blog. Congrats on the shift and I look forward to following you (and Craftsy) here!


Bella Blues

I look for color and texture. I must have a beautiful color and the yarn must feel good on my fingers.


It depends on what I’m making. If it’s an afghan, I almost always choose acrylic yarn because I can’t imagine hand-washing and drying a big (or even small) afghan. If it’s a garment like a sweater or shawl that I’m going to get a lot of use out of, again, I’ll typically opt for a nice acrylic yarn that feels good against my skin.

With smaller projects like socks and scarves that are easy to hand wash, I’ll use animal or plant fibers. I enjoy felting, so of course, wool is the way to go. And since I’m living in Hawaii, I’ve started exploring all of the cotton and cotton blends for crocheting (and knitting) tops since the weather here is warm year round.

Once I’ve selected the right fiber, then I look for the right color or color combination, although if the colorway is striking, that may be my first consideration.


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