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New Craftsy Course: The Costume Box!

We here at Craftsy are so thrilled to have worked with Anne Weil of Flax and Twine fame to release a new Craftsy course, The Costume Box.

In The Costume Box, you'll quickly make truly gorgeous costumes with endless possibilities for customization...with little - to - no sewing! These are great projects to make with your children! Let them help you to make the costume that they're begging to have this Halloween.

Here are Anne's gorgeous, ethereal costumes as she makes them along with you in class:

(Scroll down to see even more variations)
Anne says: "In the course, I walk you through how to make each of these pieces step-by-step and discuss all the other things you can make with these easy techniques (think Harry Potter cloak, pirate swords, dragon wings, ice princesses, sea gods, tulle-y witches and more)."

" ...There are no patterns required for any of these pieces, they are all made using simple geometry with a pencil, fabric, paperboard, scissors, glue, wire and embellishments."


Click to view the trailer:

Here's one of the Halloween variations that our Craftsy Moms has made (yes, we start early around here!):

...And here's another cute version of the cape, made by Anne herself!

There are SO many different variations of the projects that you can make simply by changing your tulle color and fabric choices.

Whether you're getting ready for Halloween or just interested in making a beautiful collection of every day costumes, check out Anne's class, The Costume Box.  If you sign up today through this blog post, you can take it for $10 off the regular price!

With unlimited access to your course for as long as you like, and Craftsy's 100% money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose!

Get out that glue gun, and let's get started!

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stephey {Marked by the Muse - Where Artists thrive}

This is a wonderful project! Before clicking to read in detail, I thought the costume box was an everyday creation to enhance the imagination. Now i see it’s perfect for halloween! This takes me back to being a child and sparks my imagination!

I can remember playing dress up and being totally absorbed within the embrace of imagination. I think I loved it so much I never left imagination’s embrace and became an adult Artist. 🙂 I can tell this wonderful costume box will spark imagination galore in a child. Because I have had my imagination running wild since reading this post and watching the inspiring video and if this happened to an adult I can only imagine what it would spark in a child!

Beyond halloween I can see creating projects like this that make little boys and girls into butterflies and frogs, trees and flowers – even sunny suns, rainbows and stars for playing and learning all year round. What better way to teach a child than through their imagination about the stars, insects and their signs and symbols and the glory of nature!

Thank you so much for coming up with such a wonderful project! LOVE IT!

All My Best,


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