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Holden KAL: Lace Section and Binding Off

This post is part of our free Holden Shawl Knit-Along.  If you still need a copy of the free pattern, you can download one from designer Mindy Wilkes’ Holden Shawlette page here on Craftsy.

You guys! I can't believe that I'm *this close* to finishing this gorgeous project! It took me a lot longer than I thought it would, not because of the (terrific) pattern, but just because life is busy and knitting time has been scarce.

I took this photo yesterday, just after my first vertical repeat of the lace chart.

I must admit that I love to knit while watching (listening to) tv.  I've especially loved knitting on Thursday nights while catching up on Project Runway.  This season is so high-drama!  Some commenters have asked about where to place markers while knitting the lace section, and I really should have taken this as a warning:  "Hey, add markers during the lace section!"  But I didn't.  Good spots for markers in this lace pattern are at every pink line on the chart.  Every time you do a repeat of the lace section, place a marker.  This will help you keep those decreases lined up.

SO, I did a bit of fudging as I went, if I noticed I was off by a stitch in a given lace repeat, I just either didn't work a decrease, or decreased an extra one, depending on the stitch count. (When I'm not knitting for a design-in-progress, I like to be pretty relaxed about it.)

If you look closely, you can probably see some minor flaws in there somewhere...but I always figure that nobody's really ever going to notice.

I stayed up late last night, thinking that I'd get this all bound off and block it overnight, and you'd have a gorgeous FO pic to see this morning...

BUT. Here's how far I am:

...and here's how far I have to go:

The picot bindoff is so pretty! This is going to be a new favorite of mine.  I also really love the variegated yarn that I'm using (Lorna’s Laces Solemate in the "Franklin's Panopticon" colorway.)  I will always have a soft spot in my heart for variegated yarn, though I know that some people are more into solids / semi-solids.  A little striping, a little pooling, I love it all.  This one is particularly nice, with its short color repeats.  It reminds me of reeds reflecting on water. (And that's my moment of Zen for today!)

Have you bound off yet?  What did you think of the pattern?  Are you TV knitters, too? What do you think of variegated yarn?


If you’re finding the shawl too difficult, or are interested in joining us but are feeling intimidated, Craftsy has a great online shawl knitting course, taught by designer Laura Nelkin.
“…An active knitwear designer, blogger, and workshop leader, Laura is the ideal guide for every stage of your lace knitting adventure, from learning to choose yarn and knit borders and edges, to reading multiple charts at once.”



I’ve read somewhere, in regards to the picot, that you should use a dpn. On Holden #1, I just did it right off my circs. Did I do it wrong? It’s gorgeous but I want it done right. Advise please and thank you!

waningestrogen (craftsy and ravelry)

There’s nothing wrong with binding off using your circs, it’s just less awkward to use a DPN or straight needle.


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