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Cute Overload! Craftsy’s got it!

If you've had time to check out our Craftsy ideas pages lately, you've probably noticed an overwhelming quantity of cute.  The original Cute Overload site focuses on videos and pics of cute animals, doing cute things.

The "Cute" at Craftsy is in large part created by our members (though there are more and more knit and crochet projects for pets showing up every day!) And the site is getting cuter and cuter by the second!

You have to admit, this owl from BedBuggs is pretty darn cute:

So is this cow (named Moo-ove on over!) from FreshStitches:

And these seasonal softies from Woolysomething really push the cuteness scale into the red!
I'm also loving pretty much everything that Amy Gaines does! You have GOT to check out her projects! She's got 50 (and probably more by the time you read this) adorable knit and crochet toys for you to create!

(If you need a refresher, we've got a great online knitting course, AND a really fun online crochet course for you to check out!)


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