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Book Review & Giveaway: Sewing for Boys

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I've heard you say it! "We need BOY stuff!"  There are so many adorable patterns out there for little girls, but where are the cool, fun, adorable projects to make for the little MEN in our lives?

If you've ever thought, yelled, or angrily typed anything like what I've written above, this book really IS what you need! There are hats, shirts, pants, pjs, a really cute coat, and lots more, too.

Shelly Figureoa and Karen LePage, the designers behind Patterns by Figgy's offer up a fabulous collection of full outfits for boys ages newborn to 7. Readers will delight in the fresh, modern styling that is the signature of Patterns by Figgys.  In addition to contemporary styling, readers will also find that every piece of clothing in the photos is a pattern from the book. Aside from footwear, no commercially produced clothing appears in the photos.

24 sewing projects are offered in 6 themed chapters which cover all the seasons of the year, and include fun travel accessories and toys.

Most of the projects included in the book are garments.  Included in the book are full-sized sewing patterns with detailed, illustrated instructions for each project.  Sewing for Boys offers a solid foundation of garments; constructed to be comfortable as worn and durable to be handed down in the future.

To enter to win a copy of this book, reply to this post, telling us whether you sew for boys, and if so, what's their favorite thing that you've made??


REMEMBER: To win today's giveaway, you MUST be a member of Craftsy.  (It's fast and easy to join.)

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Since my cousins are older than me and my friends are just at the beginning of the baby phase, I’ve only sewn for a few little ones, and 3 out of the 4 were boys! Their absolute favorite thing that I’ve made them are personalized super hero capes. They love saving the world with their own initials and logos on their backs!


I sew for my boy..He is 5 years old and loves when I make him something “cool” 🙂 The greatest hit so far has been a pair of trousers with pirates all over them and deeeeep pockets 🙂


I sew for my nephew, mostly quilts and organizers and pencil pouches and the like. I also like to come up with things for friends who have small boys. My nephew is now 11, and I’ve made Halloween candy “bags” every single year for him and his sister – everything from a mini-coffin which opened (for the vampire) to a jellyfish (for the year he was “crush” the turtle from Findind Nemo). The most recent and most favorite to date was last year, when he was Michael Jackson. The biggest requirement for the bag of an 11-year old is “It must hold TONS of candy, Auntie Sheila!” So – I made a GIANT sequined glove. He loved it, and it DID hold a ton of candy! Can’t wait to see what he wants to be this year!


I sew for my boy all the time. My favorite thing so far is last year’s owl costume!

Hems to Dolls

I sew for my skinny 4 yr old son. I’ve made shirts, pants, pj’s, & toys. This book is on my wish list.

Joanna Vaughan

I love sewing for boys!! My two are grown and I still sew for them as adults. I am always asked to sew something for a boy. . . I would love to have some updated patterns and ideas. . . just Love the hat shown in the picture with the cute pull-over! For my boys, their favorite thing I made for them when they were little, was a short sleeve pull-over sweatshirt and a pair of pants with a racing stripe on the side of each leg…. they could run super fast in those! 😀


My daughter has 5 boys and a sixth on the way. I have begins sewing for the younger ones, but would love to make some things for the colder boys too. So far the favorites seem to be two pair of reversible pants made from recycled men’s shirts.


I have not yet sewn for boys, but i’m learning to sew and have several little boys in my life who NEED me to sew for them! 🙂 I LOVE these styles and would love to win! Thanks for the chance 🙂


my boys were born in 69, 75 and 77 and there wasn’t much out there for boys…still isnt. i made them walk shorts, aloha shirts, trunks…of my own design. dinosaur cowboy shirts and costumes. but a book especially for boys would be great! i have grandsons now and this would come in handy. i still hate recent the paltry selection for men and boys in any pattern book. hurray for this new book!

Katrin Santos

i have a ten month old boy and found that it is so hard to find cute/cool things to sew for them. i would love to try things in this book as i have sewn up many things for my 3 year old daughter already


I have a 4 month old son and I look forward to sewing for him when he gets older. Knowing that there is a book like this out there for boys sure makes me excited to sew for my little man!


I find it very hard to find patterns for boys and material. I sew for my grandson who is only a baby at the moment so he can’t tell me what his favourite outfit is yet.

I would love to win thank you.

Liz Nelson

My 5 yr old grandson is THE little boy in my life. While he loves the funky hats I’ve knit for him I haven’t found much to sew for him. Since I’ve been making clothes for his little sister this book will be a great addition so I can also make a few things for him. So far his favorite thing I’ve made is a goldfish hat.


I have two little boys, 3 and 5. They love to pretend! I made super hero capes and masks for my oldest son’s last birthday. They were so simple. Rectangles of black cotton fabric, a simple channel sewn at the top for ribbon to tie around their necks, and felt lightening bolts (blue for boys and pink for the girls) secured with a zig-zag stitch. The masks were actually tacky party masks I picked up at the dollar store and covered with coordinating adhesive felt. All the kids got one and that was their party favor. They turned out so cute I did a blog post. I was really proud of myself and they had a blast “flying around” pretending they were super heroes.

I am always at a loss when it comes to things to make for my boys. This book would be the inspiration I need. So…pick me, pick me:o)

Thank you!

Olivia Thomas

Every winter (well, the two winters when he’s been able to talk), I am instructed by my 3 year old exactly how Sir would like his knitted winter hat (green, like Daddy’s). It would be great to be able to make him some more interesting and unusual stuff, and a real incentive to sew more too!


I had three daughters and loved sewing for them. Now I have 4 grandsons and I would love to have the Sewing for Boys book. My 4 yr old grandson is thin and we have trouble finding ready made pants for him (he’s a 2T waist with 3T length). Love your website.


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