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Holden Shawlette KAL: Ripping Back

Hi All! It's Friday, which means that we're Knitting Along on our Holden shawls. In case you're just joining us, all you need to do to join in is to download the Holden Shawlette pattern and get started.  You might also like to read my past Holden knit-along posts.

I'm still on the stockinette section of my Holden, but trucking along with about 12 more rows to go until I hit the lace section! This means that my shawl looks much like it did last week, so I didn't take a new photo.

Another knitter in the office, Lisa, has decided to join us, but had to rip back and start over!

She realized after a few rows that she needed two markers around the center stitch to keep the central increases organized:


I've seen at least two Holden shawls recently uploaded as Craftsy projects! This one by dawnknitella is actually finished now, so you should go check it out!

It looks like eclecticsecond is almost done with hers, too! I hope to have more of an update for you next week!  But for now, enjoy the knitting, and remember to stay laid back.

If you would like to knit along with us, but think shawls might be too hard, why not try our new online shawl class, Knit This! Mastering Lace Shawls. If you sign up through this blog post, you can take it for half off!



I’ll try to do an upload this weekend. Finished my shawl last Saturday. Still want to do another in a really nice yarn, but my birthday money went for school supplies. Oh well. Just part of being mom. (But I’m very sad.) : (


Taken the class and starting 2 shawls, geeze, love it, love it. Maybe next winter when there finished but hey. ;>

Lisa G

My lack of ability is now documented on the Internets. Dang.


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