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Insider Interview: Textile Designer Lizzy House

Earlier this spring, I taught two knitting classes at a creative retreat, The Makerie, right here at Chautauqua in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.  While I was there, I met lots of wonderful, creative people.  One person that I really bonded with is the fabulous textile designer Lizzy House.

Lizzy is really a renaissance crafter, designing her own fabric lines, writing and publishing her own books, designing quilt patterns, and really creating whole worlds around her imagination.  Lizzy also spends a ton of her time teaching, whether through her live classes at workshops and creative retreats like Squam and The Makerie or through her (very generously written) e-book "How to Enter the World of Textile Design."


In this interview, I asked Lizzy a few questions about what's next for her:









a preview of Lizzy's new fabric line










Me: I bought a scrap pack of yours at the Makerie that had quite a few pieces of your last fabric line in it...and I'm really anxious to see your new prints!!  When does your new line come out? What can we look forward to?

Lizzy: The new line, 1001 Peeps, is shipping this week! I am so excited for people to be able to start using it. It's my favorite collection yet, and since I have such a deep love for the 1001 Arabian Nights, these peeps are really close to my heart. It's also good to know that 1001 Peeps fits extremely well with Castle Peeps. They make a pretty cohesive color wheel which is great for any stash.

Me: I know that you're also releasing a new book soon...the photo previews look amazing! I can't wait to see it.  On your site you hint at what's inside, five patterns for quilts and embroidery.  Do the patterns all support the new line? What kinds of projects are there?

Lizzy: The Book!!! 1001 Peeps: five magical projects, is a book of 5 patterns. 4 of which are quilt patterns, and the last is a crewel embroidery cushion pattern. Each pattern in the book continues, or shines a light on, a passage from one of the stories from the Arabian Nights. They are story telling quilts! And the cushion pattern is of an enchanted lamp, so you can always be close to the things you are wishing for.

Me: What have you been up to since I saw you in March? What's next??

Lizzy: I just got back from Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire, which has become a favorite time of year for me. For 4 days you are sitting on Lake Squam filling up your creative lamp. It is an amazing place to meet like minded people, connect to the space around you, create beautiful things and new ideas, and of course recharge your batteries... creatively, emotionally, you name it. I am an advocate for Creative Retreats. They are so much more than a vacation. They help to ground and sustain you creatively, and by attending you are able to find your tribe, and soak up what you need to give back to your own tribes, families, etc....

Next on my list of things to do is get a couple of new fabric collections going for the middle of next year, start on the support material for OutFoxed (which comes out this Fall!). I'll start teaching again in August and September. First a week at The WorkRoom in Toronto, and then on to St. Paul in September for the Creative Connection.

I'm hoping to find a little time to visit some friends, roller skate around town, try out some new recipes (I have a desire to make raw vegan ice cream), and learn to knit. Who knew? Also, I will have a new project starting that will last 1 whole year, starting on my birthday that you'll have to check out!

Me: I can't *wait* to check it out! Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us, Lizzy! You're such an inspiration to crafters and designers across all fields!

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