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Spotlight on a Craftsy Crafter: Casey July Musser

This time the Craftsy Spotlight is shining on Casey July Musser "casey.mus1776" and her Americana Infant Dress.  The dress is adorable on its own, but it's really the embellishments that make it pop!  (Click on the image below for more information and pics.)

When adding her project, Casey answered the following questions:
What was your inspiration?

My middle name is July, and I love anything red, white, and blue. I am also very into using vintage fabrics and trims that I find. It is like giving them a second life. This particular dress ties that vintage feel together with a more contemporary "flower" that is popular in crafting today.

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the flowers. I sat and made them all by hand along with the braided rope. It can be very time comsuming, but the results are amazing!

What advice would you give someone starting this project?

Give yourself plenty of time to make the accents. Especially if you have never done anything like this before. Practise really does make perfect. Your first few "flowers" may not turn out quite as you planned.

I liked Casey's dress so much that I asked her a few more questions:
Me: Casey, your middle name is July, and it seems to have had a real impact on your work, would you tell us a bit more about that?
Casey: I was born in North Carolina on 7/27/1976.  I am a true Southern Girl, accent and all, although I have traveled all over the world and learned to tame it a little.  Growing up we would see our family around the 4th of July. We would shoot off fireworks, make old-fashion homemade ice cream, and I would get presents just like it was MY birthday.

Also, my father was an active duty Marine almost my whole life. I learned to love and honor our service men and our country.  I feel like that love of who I am and where I come from is reflected in the name July so it was very easy for me to embrace it in my sewing and art!

Me: I love your Americana-inspired projects, do you keep them all or give some away to others? I bet people ask (or at least hint) for you to make things for them all the time!
Casey: I started my Etsy store call DreamstressVintage in October of 2009.  Up until that point I had been making historically accurate clothing, costumes, and other custom projects just freelance.  I did not realize how much others would be interested in my Americana clothing until I showed a dress to a friend and she bought it right on the spot for her daughter.  I also had a dress I donated to a church bazaar and several women were "fighting" over a dress and hat that I had made Americana style.

Now, with my business, Dreamstress taking off I don't have as much time to just make Americana things as I like.  But I do make them all year round, by finding and saving things from other projects that I work on.  Right now I have a baby quilt planned that is made of the scraps from several other projects I have put together through the years.  I think it is funny when people talk about Christmas in July, because it is always July for me!

Me: Thanks, Casey, for sharing more about your crafting life with us!

...and if you've got projects to share, why not upload a few today?

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Alex Currie

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I have a blog at which gets about 1000-1200 views a week which also covers events we throw through The Pink Pom-Pom Project. Our last one was a stitch and botch party which was a huge success!


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