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Carb-o-licious: How to Make Parker House Rolls

By Jessie Oleson Moore
How to Make Easy Parker House Rolls

What are Parker House Rolls? Let's get you acquainted with this unique yeast bread. The dough contains both butter and an egg, which means that when you take a bite, it simultaneously calls to mind the butteriness of a croissant, but with the feather-lightness of a challah bread, all delivered in a roll with a unique, pocketbook-looking shape.

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Recipe for a Creative Holiday Cookie: How to Make Snowball Cookies

By Jessie Oleson Moore
How to Make Snowball Cookies

This simple recipe involves a mere six ingredients and comes together in minutes. The finished cookies are addictive: tender, crumbly, pecan-rich cookies with an extra bit of sweetness from a snowy coating of confectioners' sugar. It's a Christmas cookie recipe that should be part of everyone's holiday baking repertoire.

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10 Tips for Successful Baking

By Craftsy
Sweet Treats Displayed

Everyone can have better results by remembering that baking and working with chocolate are a little more finicky and detail-oriented than regular cooking. In this special post, Craftsy instructor Alice Medrich shares her 10 best tips to improve your game in the baker’s kitchen and a chance to win a FREE copy of her new book "Seriously Bitter Sweet"!

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Shipping Baked Goods: Treats for Far Away Friends and Family

By Jessie Oleson Moore
To ensure that your sweets arrive at their destination intact and not just a pile of delicious crumbs, here are some helpful tips on the best way to ship cookies, whether your destination is near or far. We'll discuss not only the best type of treats to ship, but also how to pack cookies for shipping to ensure a safe arrival. Read more »

What Are Quick Breads?

By Karly Campbell
Chocolate Quick Bread

When I first became interested in cooking and baking, I heard the term "quick breads" thrown around a lot. What in the world is a quick bread, I would wonder to myself. Well, guys. It's pretty much exactly what the name implies-- it's a bread that you can bake immediately! Here are some tips for making them.

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Enliven Your Bread Basket: Creative Yeast Bread Recipes

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Rustic Bread

If you want to liven up your bread basket, you're going to need a new homemade yeast recipe or two. From pumpkin shaped rolls to light-as-air bread with a rich butter flavor to even some reindeer-themed mini breads, this is a collection bound to inspire some serious carb-o-loading.

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Homemade Holiday Cookies: An Easy Gingerbread Recipe

By Ashley Rodriguez
Iced gingerbread snowflake cookie

The holidays were made for cookies and I am thrilled to kick off the Craftsy's holiday cookie series. Every Sunday from now until Christmas, we will be sharing some of our favorite Christmas cookie recipes. Some are classics and others are sure to become instant classics. We are starting this sweet series with gingerbread cookies. This one is particularly easy, heady with spice, and perfect for rolling out and cutting into little men or making towering walls for a house.

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