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A Recipe for Zucchini-Walnut Pancakes That Are Healthy AND Delicious

By Victoria Hudgins

I love to spice up this traditional breakfast treat by trying creative variations. One of my favorites is zucchini-walnut pancakes. The unexpected combination of vegetables an nuts not only adds a huge kick of healthiness, but it also cuts the over-the-top sweet factor that often accompanies a more traditional buttermilk recipe.

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French Macarons on a Cake Stand

10 Classic French Desserts That Will Make Your Mouth Water

By Victoria Hudgins
Your mouth will water with this collection of our favorite classic French desserts that will bring home the Parisian baking experience. The list includes everything from soufflés to pastries with easy recipes and photos that will inspire you to get in the kitchen (or on an airplane) now! Read more »

Stamping Cookies: Creating Sweet Impressions

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Just as scrapbookers or card makers will use rubber stamps to create decorative works of art, cake and cookie decorating enthusiasts can make edible works of art using stamps and edible ink. Here, we'll discuss some of the best ways to stamp cookies, including tricks to ensure success! Read more »

Make it Homemade: Rustic Artisan Bread Recipe

By Ashley Rodriguez
Artisan bread is a sort of fancy way of talking about bread that hasn’t been mass produced but rather created slowly and with great care. Use this recipe to make you own and learn how virtuous your patience really can be. Read more »

Hugs and Quiches: Tips for Making Perfect Quiches Every Time

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Quiche is not only delicious but it's also extremely versatile. From a brunch favorite to a vegetarian main, quiche can be perfectly tailored to any meal. So how do you make sure your quiche has that delicious flakey crust and fluffy egg filling you're looking for? Here's our tips on making the perfect quiche no matter the occasion! When it comes to creating the perfect quiche, there are some simple tips and tricks to guarantee success. Apply these to your favorite quiche recipe to take it from fine to divine. Read more »