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Watercolor Painting for Beginners

If watercolor painting has always been something you wanted to try, start with Craftsy. We have the tips and classes you need to get started!

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Startup Library: Watercolors

Start at the beginning with our Startup Library class on Watercolor Painting. Everything from supplies to color use to techniques is discussed in this perfect class for true beginners. Join watercolorist Kateri Ewing in her online video class.

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Must-Have Watercolor Supplies

Brushes, palettes, paper — it's noting to be intimidated by! Build up your watercolor toolkit with just six supplies.

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Wow With Watercolors!

Take a peek at what other watercolorists have created. You never know — the inspiration for your next masterpiece could be right here!

Beginner Watercolor Techniques

Not sure where to begin your watercolor journey? It all starts with a few simple techniques. Check out painter Jessie Oleson Moore's tips on fundamentals — free!

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3 Tricks for Abstract Art

A few simple items (we'll bet you already have them at home) can turn an ordinary painting into a captivating piece of abstract artwork.

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