Fine Art

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Painting Classes

Under the Palms at Daintree Rainforest by Teresa Berg
Dogwood by Shadra Strickland
Landscape With Pen & Brush by Matt Rota

Mixed Media: Pen, Ink & Watercolor

Matt Rota

Create captivating, expressive artwork defined in ink and brought to life with luminous watercolors.

Uncharted Waters by Tara Spicer
Designing a Diamond Guide by Martin Wittfooth
"Wrapped under the lunar moon" by Teresa Berg

Painting an Allegory: Concept to Canvas

Martin Wittfooth


Compose stunning allegorical paintings and bring them to life on canvas! Join Martin Wittfooth in the studio for a study in storytelling. See more

Drawing Classes

October Morning, Fog Receding by Amy Lindenberger
Dreamscape II by Amy Lindenberger
Mountain Landscape by Amy Lindenberger

Luminous Landscapes in Graphite & Colored Pencil

Amy Lindenberger

Create dreamy, soft-focus landscape drawings. Use unique mixed media techniques to achieve painterly effects that lend an enchanting quality to your work. See more

Explore Common Textures in Still Lifes by Cynthia Knox
practuice grain by JVHammy
Berry Delight by Tammy Hoffert

Realistic Textures in Colored Pencil

Cynthia Knox

Draw textures so lifelike, you can feel them! Recreate the appearance of fruit skins, metallic surfaces, woodgrain, fur, fabric and more. See more

Drawing Projects


by catherine


by asmaa_elasamisy

Painting Supplies

Find the tools you need to take your art work to new heights. Explore paintbrushes, top of the line paints, pencils, and more.