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How to Add a Zipper to a Bias Cut Seam

By Sunni Standing
Bias Zipper TutorialHave you had trouble with the bubbling that can occur from a zipper applied into a bias cut seam? If so, I'm here to show you a method to get rid of the madness. Fine-tune your zipper insertion with this step by step tutorial! Read more »

Quilting Blog

Shop Spotlight: CityCraft

By Craftsy
CityCraftGet to know more about inspirational crafting retailer, CityCraft, a Dallas based modern fabric boutique and sewing lounge. Discover why this shop is unique, what's surprising about its customers, and its plans the future. Read more »

Quilting Blog

Make Perfect Pinless Points with Ease

By Craftsy
How to make perfect pinless pointsNo matter what your patches are made up of, there's a quick and easy way to put them together without the use of pins and you'll get a perfect point in the center. Discover Kimberly Einmo's favorite technique for perfect pinless four patch points. Read more »

Knitting Blog

Colorful Adventures with Stranded Knitting

By Craftsy
Stranded Knitting: HatStranded knitting produces incredibly eye-catching garments, and knitting with two or more colors also tends to make these items quite a bit warmer than single-color items. What’s not to love about knitting projects that are both beautiful and practical at the same time? Read more »