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Mad About Knit Mittens

By Emily Vanek
Knit MittensMittens for cold weather are hot right now. Mixing nostalgia into modern patterns, these are the perfect in-between knitting project when you want something a bit easier and faster than a blanket or shawl. Here we show you six beautiful patterns for mittens you can find right here on Craftsy! Read more »

Cake Decorating Blog

Fun Cakes For a Fantastic Celebration

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Fun CakesSome cakes just want to have fun, like these, which prove that cakes can be made with the utmost precision and skill yet still be as chock-full of whimsy and pure joy as they are of sugar and cream and butter. Guaranteed to inspire not only smiles but baking ideas, too! Read more »
knit cable pattern

Knitting Blog

Crazy for Knitted Cable Patterns

By Emily Vanek

Cable stitches are fun and can make your knitting look super intricate and complex, even if you use a basic cable. Explore knitting patterns that incorporate cables to see the versatility of this impressive stitch.

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Quilting Blog

Quilting Fun with Stencils

By Angela Mitchell
Quilting StencilsIt's time to learn the effective tool that quilters have been using for hundreds of years: stencils. Discover how to use them, from filling in negative space to adding a focal piece like a medallion. Read more »


How to Ruffle Fabric

By Julia Garza
How to Ruffle FabricRuffling fabric is a useful skill to master! You’re likely to come across it when sewing garments and it’s a technique you can use to add interest to your home decor projects. Ruffling fabric is actually very simple. In fact, it can be done in 4 easy steps! Read more »

Quilting Blog

Preserving Memories: T-shirt Quilting

By Angela Mitchell
T-shirt QuiltingWhether you are at a sporting event, a concert, a play, or on a vacation, chances are you brought home a t-shirt as a souvenir. What should you do with them? Why, cut them up and make a t-shirt quilt, of course. Use your imagination and have fun creating a quilt that is truly full of memories! Read more »