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In the Jewelry World, Natural Stones Rock!

By Stefanie Japel
Natural Stone JewelryWho needs diamonds, rubies, or emeralds to make elegant, lovely, and gorgeous jewelry? As this post shows, jewelery makers everywhere are showcasing the beauty and character of natural, non-precious stones in their work, and we love it! We think you will, too. Read more »

Knitting Blog

Trend Alert! Icelandic Knitting

By Stefanie Japel
Icelandic KnittingAttention Craftsy knitters and knit lovers: as the cold weather begins to grace us with its presence, those of us that love all things yarn look forward to being able to wear comfy, handmade sweaters. This season, Icelandic Knitting is trending everywhere, and we've got some fabulous Craftsy projects to prove it! Read more »