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Tricky Treats: Cakes that Look Like Other Foods

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Cakes That Look Like Other FoodsSometimes, looks can be deceiving. But in the case of these confections, the trick is all treat: they’re cakes that are cleverly crafted to look like other foods! Making a trompe l’oeil cake is a fun way to pay homage to the cake recipient’s favorite treat, whether it be candy, fizzy beverages, healthy stuff, or even a big hunk of meat! Read more »
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Finding Your Way With Sewing Lingerie Fabrics

By Christine Haynes

The toughest aspect of sewing lingerie is dealing with the tricky fabrics that lingerie requires. Silks, lace, velvet, and all the other slippery fabrics that are most commonly used are the hardest to work with. Let's break down some of these challenges ahead.

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Knitting Blog

Exploring Colors for Your Knitting

By Craftsy
Knitting Color TheoryOne of the fabulous things about knitting is getting to play with colors of all kinds. Unlike shopping for hats or sweaters in a store and being limited to only the half dozen or so colors on the rack, our only limitation as knitters is having to make a choice among the many hundreds of possibilities! Here are some tips for selecting perfect colors for your project. Read more »