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Finding Your Way With Sewing Lingerie Fabrics

By Christine Haynes

The toughest aspect of sewing lingerie is dealing with the tricky fabrics that lingerie requires. Silks, lace, velvet, and all the other slippery fabrics that are most commonly used are the hardest to work with. Let's break down some of these challenges ahead.

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Exploring Colors for Your Knitting

By Craftsy
Knitting Color TheoryOne of the fabulous things about knitting is getting to play with colors of all kinds. Unlike shopping for hats or sweaters in a store and being limited to only the half dozen or so colors on the rack, our only limitation as knitters is having to make a choice among the many hundreds of possibilities! Here are some tips for selecting perfect colors for your project. Read more »

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Petite Sewing: Achieving a Perfect Fit

By Julia Garza
Petite SewingThe term “petite” usually refers to women 5’4” and shorter. Commercial patterns are sized to fit a 5’5” woman, so it’s no surprise that women who struggle to find clothing that fits properly in clothing stores will also struggle to identify clothing patterns that fit without making adjustments. Of course, if you are petite and have trouble getting great clothing in stores, sewing for yourself is a wonderful way to add properly fitting garments to your wardrobe! Read more »

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How to Make a Purple Ombré Cake

By Jessie Oleson Moore
How to Make a Purple Ombre CakeNow here’s a cake that’s dressed to impress: the Purple Ombré Cake. The perfect way to celebrate Spring or Mother's Day, it's made using cake layers which have been tinted in varying tones of the same color, which are then assembled in order from light to dark, forming a color gradient. Once sliced into, it has a dramatic “wow” factor. Learn how to make it here! Read more »

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Machine Quilts You Don’t Want to Miss

By Angela Mitchell
Machine QuiltsThe late 18th century brought the first electric sewing machine, and since then machine quilting has been on the rise. Machine quilts are durable and withstand the test of time. Here are five eye catching machine quilt patterns for you to check out! Read more »
Keelan Chunky Strap Baby Shoes

Knitting Blog

Our Best Knit Baby Shoes for Your Bundle of Joy

By Emily Vanek

Nothing is cuter than a sleeping new baby in hand knit shoes. Baby shoes make adorable keepsakes and have even more sentimental meaning when knit by a friend or a family member. Explore these five baby bootie projects and their accompanying patterns, all created by Craftsy community members.

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Bias Quilt Binding: Three Ways

By Lindsay Conner
Bias Quilt BindingIf you don’t want mitered corners or if your quilt is finished with a curved edge, bias quilt binding is ideal for its ability to gently stretch around the edges of your project. Bias binding looks especially nice with fabric that’s printed with stripes and plaids. Explore three ways to do it! Read more »