Craftsy Affiliate Program

How the Craftsy Affiliate Program Works

The affiliate program allows participating websites to earn commissions on sales referred to Craftsy using specially tracked links. We provide you with custom links and banners that you can post on your marketing channels. When a visitor you’ve referred to us purchases a Craftsy class or physical product, we’ll keep track and give you a commission on the sale. Join our affiliate program today!

Highlights of Craftsy’s Affiliate Program

  • 75% of first-time course* purchases from new customers (30-day cookie)
  • 15% of existing customer course* purchases (5-day cookie)
  • 15% of Boundless, Colonial Manor, Cloudborn and Sprightly product purchases (30-day cookie for new customers, 5-day cookie for existing)
  • 4% of all other product purchases on Craftsy (5-day cookie)
  • $15 for referring a friend who is accepted into the affiliate program & is sale-active within 30 days

*Third-party classes excluded (ex. The Great Courses)

Why You Should Join Craftsy’s Affiliate Program

Craftsy’s affiliate program offers you a wide variety of incentives and content to fit your affiliate marketing needs. This includes a new buyer incentive, repeat buyer incentive, referral incentive and a wide array of high-quality content and marketing materials to help you attract prospective Craftsy customers.

Such a diverse group of incentives and high-quality creative content are not common in affiliate programs in this space, and this sets Craftsy’s affiliate program apart from those of its competitors. Craftsy offers special discount promotions to top performing affiliates and is happy to offer advice to affiliates for optimizing their promotions, informed by Craftsy’s expert internal marketing team.

With diverse product offerings in multiple hobbies and a user base of more than 9 million people, Craftsy is a well-known name in the industry. This gives you a leg up when you become a member of its affiliate program. Rest assured that when you promote Craftsy’s high-quality, interactive, expert-taught online classes that never expire, you’re offering your readers the best of the best. 

Ready to become an affiliate? 

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For more information, please see our FAQ page and the Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions.

Contact Information

Our affiliate program manager will be happy to answer any of your questions about our program. Please note that if you do not receive a confirmation email from ShareASale when you apply for the program, your application may not have been completed properly and/or the email might be in your spam email folder. If you have any questions, please contact our affiliate program manager at



Nadia Wallace

Would I be able to mention on my podcast and youtube channels. While leaving a link in the description area of each. Of course, I would let it be known that I am affiliate, etc. I occasionally use a Craftsy link on my blog.
Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

Kristin Doherty

Hi Nadia,
Of course! Thanks for spreading the word about Craftsy 🙂


Who are the third parties besides Great Courses?

Kristin Doherty

Great question, Carol. Right now we partner with The Great Courses and Garden Tribe for additional courses.


What does 5-day cookie and 30-day cookie refer to?


If someone clicks on the link, they have five days or thirty days to make a purchase for you to get the credit for it, I believe.

Kathy Rees

Hi I have applied for this program previously a few years ago and was declined, but now I have a completely different website I would like to link Craftsy too, but it won’t allow me to apply again. How can I re-apply for the affiliate program?




Hi there. I have the same problem as the person above. Is there any way to re-apply?



I applied to be an affiliate a couple of days ago. How long does it take for them to review my site and let me know if I’m approved?



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