Inspiration Found Here! Share Your #CraftsyWIP & Win a Class

Do you have one, two or twenty works in progress, aka WIPs? Whatever your reason for having unfinished projects — we’re looking at you WIP hoarder — you can share them with us for the chance to win! Find out more about our #CraftsyWIP hashtag campaign below.

#CraftsyWIP on Instagram

What is the #CraftsyWIP hashtag & how do I use it?

Our #CraftsyWIP hashtag is the easiest way to share your work with the online crafting community. By adding it to your social media posts, anyone who searches for #CraftsyWIP will be able to see your projects!

Why should you show off your unfinished projects?

Because they inspire you (and others) to keep working on your craft. Plus, if you post photos with the #CraftsyWIP hashtag, you’ll be entered to win a special Craftsy prize.

#infinityscarf in process #craftsywip #knit #knittingintheround #revolutionknits #staywarm #wool

A photo posted by @revolution_knits on

It’s easy to add hashtags to your project photos.

All you have to do is add #CraftsyWIP somewhere in the copy of your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter posts like Instagram user revolution_knits did above. The beginning, middle or end — it doesn’t matter where you put it!

Join the #CraftsyWIP campaign & WIN

Share your WIP photos using the #CraftsyWIP hashtag on Instagram and you’ll be automatically entered to win any Craftsy class — for free. Throughout the month of March, we’ll randomly choose one project every Wednesday and share the winning photo on the @becraftsy Instagram account. The winners will be notified to pick the class of their choice.

Craftsy Instagram = The place for inspiration

We want to make sure you can see the incredible WIP projects everyone is working on. We’ll be sharing the most inspiring photos on our Instagram account, @becraftsy, so make sure to follow us to see if your project is featured.

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