A Craft in Every Room: 15 FREE Patterns for Your Whole House

Your creativity shouldn’t be confined to your sewing room or favorite knitting chair! Spread the crafty love throughout your home with a project (or a few) in every room.

Projects for your kitchen

Crab Stitch Kitchen Towels

Photo via Craftsy member Abigail Haze Designs

1. Crab Stitch Kitchen Towels

Fast, simple and free! That’s the formula for a perfect crocheted kitchen towel. You only need to know two simple stitches, so even beginners can give it a try.

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Owl Hotpad Max & Molly

Photo via Craftsy member SewSimple

2. Owl Hotpad Max & Molly

Bring a little whimsy to your kitchen and protect your countertops with couldn’t-be-cuter hot pads.

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Flying Geese Charm Square Mug Rug

Photo via Craftsy blogger Diane Knott

3. Flying Geese Charm Square Mug Rug

This bright, happy mug rug — bigger than a coaster, smaller than a placemat — is the perfect companion for a cup of tea and an afternoon treat.

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Braided Mug Cozy

Photo via Craftsy member AlderSign Designs

4. Braided Mug Cozy

Give plain ol’ mugs a little something special by knitting up cozy cabled wraps. Your morning will feel instantly more snuggly!

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Projects for your bedroom

Flat Ruffle Pillow

Photo via Craftsy member Blossom Heart Quilts

5. Flat Ruffle Pillow

Every bed needs a good throw pillow! This one combines a few eye-catching fabrics with subtle texture.

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Nautical News Layer Cakes

Photo via Craftsy member Busy Hands Quilts

6. Nautical News Layer Cakes

With six sizes, this quilt pattern works no matter what size bed you have! Showcase prints you love with the simple piecing.

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Projects for your bathroom

Back Scrubber Simple & Deluxe

Photo via Craftsy member Monique Rae Designs

7. Back Scrubber Simple & Deluxe

Bring these knit scrubbies into the shower or bath in lieu of a loofa. Slide a bar of soap inside and get sudsy!

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Mesh Shower ORganizer

Photo via Craftsy member So Sew Easy

8. Mesh Shower Organizer

Store your shampoo, body wash and other toiletries in the mesh pockets for easy storage and travel.

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DIY Fabric Shower Curtain

Photo via Craftsy Blog

9. DIY Fabric Shower Curtain

Have you ever thought of sewing your own shower curtain? Just be sure to pick a fabric you love, since the curtain makes a huge impact on the room.

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Projects for your living room

Leftovers Rug

Photo via Craftsy member Colorspot Designs

10. Leftovers Rug

Keep feet off chilly wood and tile floors by stitching your scraps into a sturdy but soft rug.

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Arm Knit Blanket

Photo via Craftsy member

11. Arm Knit Blanket

Cuddle up on the couch with a good book, movie or project. You’ll be warmer than ever under this extra-chunky knit throw blanket!

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Sturdy Fabric Basket

Photo via Craftsy member lillyella stitchery

12. Sturdy Fabric Basket

You know those random knick-knacks that always seem to be floating around your house? Finally corral them with a cute fabric basket.

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Projects for your dining room

Table Runner Trivet/Hot-Pad

Photo via Craftsy member The Inspired Wren

13. Table Runner Trivet/Hot-Pad

Quit cluttering the table with runners, placemats and trivets. This all-in-one reversible table runner is insulated to protect your furniture.

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Sedge Stitch Placemat and Coaster

Photo via Craftsy member MevvSan

14. Sedge Stitch Placemat and Coaster

Stitch textured crochet placemats to add a handmade touch to your table. Choose a yarn that matches your china for a coordinated style.

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Easy Mitered Corner Dinner Napkins

Photo via Craftsy blogger Lindsay Sews

15. Easy Mitered Corner Dinner Napkins

For special occasions, skip paper napkins and opt for handmade cloth napkins. You can choose bright colors or something more subdued.

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Thank you for the free patterns. You’re the best

Susan LaFollette

What a nice idea for your customers! Have enjoyed receiving this surprise! Thank you!

Carol Johnson

Thanks so much for the free ideas.

Patricia McLaughlin

Great ideas & wonderful patterns to try! Thank you Craftsy


Thank you so much for sharing.

Mary Ann Lohuis

Thank you so much, there are a few that I would like to make.

Marilyn Tippett

I don’t always reply but have to say you’ve given us many options to finish out the Northland winter up here. Back to the sewing room right now!


Nice Valentines gift! Thank you. Some will be great for teaching my granddaughter to sew. Always on the look out for things she can make in one session with me. 🙂

Cheryl W

Thanks so much for all these great free patterns and ideas! I’m going to love making several of these. Happy Valentines Day!


Thanks. I got a lot of projects I want to make. Don’t know when to start.

Carmen Eschette

Really enjoying getting the free patterns. The ideas are so practical and small. So trying something new will not be overwhelming. Thanks Crafty


Since i suffer from chronic pain from disabities that really get the best of me sometimes. Some of these items will benefit me.
On “bad days” I can try to make some of these things by hand while flat on my back, this will help to get my mind off myself and the terrible pain, ( If you know what I mean)
Thank you for the Free patterns” because the last time i opened my wallet I believe I heard a echo, it is so hollow and empty. Lol


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