Knitting: Art Deco Beanie

Art Deco Beanie

A Bold, Richly Colored Cap

9 reviews
The beautiful two-color "art deco cap" combines thick and thin vertical lines with contrasting colors culminating in a five-pointed star at the crown. The design and pattern are simple yet the resulting cap is striking and complex. The yarn supplied is enough to create two complementary hats by using one color for the ribbing and as the "main color" in the first hat, and the other color for the ribbing and as the "main color" in the second.



Skill Level:

level 3 difficulty


Basic Skills Necessary:

  • Basic knitting
  • Knitting in the round
  • Fair Isle/stranding techniques
  • Transferring from circular to double-pointed needles


  • Pattern and instructions
  • Help from pattern designer anytime!
  • Step-by-step photos

Finished Size/Dimensions

  • One size fits all
  • Pattern is easily adjusted to increase the length of the cap resulting in larger fit. The hats pictured here were knitted 6 rows per body section (lime ribbing) and 7 rows per body section (orange ribbing).

You Will Need:

  • 16" circular needles or five double-pointed needles in US Size 10 (6 mm) and US Size 8 (5mm)
  • Or one size to meet gauge (4 stitches per inch) and two sizes smaller for ribbing
  • If using circulars, you will also need dpns in the larger of the two needle sizes to complete the crown
  • Five stitch markers (one distinguishable from the others)
  • Tapestry needle

About the Designer:

Frank Wilmot

Frank Wilmot

Frank Wilmot learned how to knit in 2002 with "Learn to Knit in Just One Day" (ASN Publishing), a pair of aluminum needles, and a skein of the cheapest yarn he could find. He got hooked immediately and has been learning ever since. He is drawn to working with bold colors and stripes although he is also fond of working with more muted colors and naturals. The permission to be creative and to start designing came when he discovered Elizabeth Zimmerman in 2008. He has designed adult and baby hat patterns for Skacel, among others. He is also the coordinator and co-host of the annual Men's Rocky Mountain Knitting Retreat. Frank grew up in Karachi, Pakistan, and North Little Rock, Ark. He has lived in the Central African Republic, Nepal, New York City, Charlottesville, Va., Indianapolis and Denver. He currently resides in Denver with his partner Matt and is proud to work for the Denver Public Library as a reference librarian.

Reviews of this Workshop

Average Review (of 9 reviews)
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Good First time working with two colors  March 4, 2014

Great workshop! I accidentally ordered the wrong colors so I didn't work on this hat until I was bored one week. I love the pattern, so I will do this hat again! I do knit pretty tightly, so I'll be giving this hat to my niece who's 10. :)

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Okay really cool hat  November 21, 2013

loved it... made two of them - mirror images of each other. gave one and kept the other. will make more I am sure

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Excellent Really cool little hat!  October 5, 2013

Absolutely love it! Super simple pattern. My first stranding project and the directions were thorough. I will definitely make another as everyone wants this hat! Just in time for the holidays.

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Excellent Fun and quick project  July 5, 2013

This beanie was really fun to make, and I got it done in one afternoon. I have enough yarn left over to do another beanie in opposing colors.

What a cool little project for a last-minute gift. And I love that it is a unisex style. The yarn feels so soft and cozy in my hands.

I'd like to see more workshops or classes by Frank!

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Excellent Deco Beanie  April 25, 2013

This was the best workshop ever. I have taken a few. Mr. Wilmot pattern instruction were well written. The best of all this pattern not only taught me how to strand work but I also learn Continental knitting.I look forward to more from Mr. Wilmot. Happy Knitting Donna

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Excellent FINALLY! One for us Guys!  April 20, 2013

Great EASY project. About 7 hours start to finish. Kept saying I was going to set it down after the next step, and suddenly it was done. Thanks for a guys project Frank.

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Excellent What a great design!  April 19, 2013

I am not quite through with my first cap, but couldn't wait to comment on Frank's absolutely phenomenal pattern design. I have knitted for a g-zillion years and do pretty good, but his pictoral and descriptive assistance would guide a neophyte through to success. What a lovely design! Gave me a chance to remember how lovely stranded knitting pieces truly are. I'm gonna have to experiment with more. Any time Frank wishes to share more designs, I'll love to see them. Thank you for your ...

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Excellent great first project for stranded color work  April 18, 2013

I have always been a "texture" knitter, rather than a "color" knitter. This was my attempt to get out of my comfort zone, and try some stranded color work. The pattern is incredibly easy to follow and memorize, producing a beautiful finished object (or two!). While carrying a color in each hand was awkward for me at the beginning (Continental was just not normal), I was flying through the pattern by about the half way point. The first hat is finished, and I'm ready to cast on for my second!

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent great project  April 16, 2013

If you want a fast and easy project, this is the one for you. I had used stranded knitting in 2 other projects so making this hat was a breeze because the pattern repeats were simple and easy to remember. I love how mine turned out, very subtle striping. I will definitely be making this project again.

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