Quilting: Under the Stars Quilt

Under the Stars Quilt

A Quilt with Timeless Appeal

10 reviews

Welcome to Under the Stars! Having been co-owner of Great American Quilt Factory, a retail store in Denver, CO for 30 years I was able to both see and work on a lot of different quilt patterns. Over all of those years this pattern remains one of my favorites. It is an easy-to-stitch block, but when set together, stars "magically" appear. Being able to work with such a wonderful collection of Fossil Fern fabrics gives this quilt a timeless appeal. In any setting it can become modern or traditional in appearance. Join me to make this fun pattern. There are detailed instructions, diagrams, layouts and photos. If you run into any problems, I will be right there to help you. Let's get going. It is so much fun!



Skill Level:

level 2 difficulty


Basic Skills Necessary:

  • Basic quilting knowledge
  • Basic sewing knowledge
  • Reading a pattern


  • Pattern and instructions
  • Help from pattern designer anytime!
  • Step-by-step photos

Finished Size/Dimensions

  • 64" x 80"

You Will Need:

  • Fossil Fern packet of 36 fat quarters + 3/4 yard cut of Fossil Fern fabric in Pastel Almond
  • Sewing machine
  • Matching thread

About the Designer:

Nancy Smith

Nancy Smith

Nancy Smith, a quilter for more than 40 years, was co-owner of Great American Quilt Factory. She co-authored more than 70 quilt books for Possibilities and C & T Publishing and helped design more than 100 fabric lines.

Reviews of this Workshop

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Excellent Beautiful heirloom quilt  November 1, 2014

I like the workshops, I like being able to print something off to refer too rather than finding a part in a video. This was a very simple quilt to piece together but the design is so patriotic and looks like it's an antique when completed. I have got so many complements on it. Love it!!!!

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Excellent Joy!  August 26, 2014

Hello Nancy,

thank You for designing such a beautifull quilt. I am making it for my grandson Quinten, who is four years old now and who loves the collour bleu. So now he is getting all these lovely bleu stars and all the collours of the rainbow to sleep under.

I am working with such pleasure on it.

Thank You again.

Greetings from The Netherlands, where I live.

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Excellent This was Fun!  March 28, 2014

I did know that this would be a different platform from the regular Craftsy classes. I thought the directions and pictures were clear. I love the finished quilt! Thank you Nancy!

Reviewer Avatar

Good Clear instructions; easy pattern  December 8, 2013

I had no issues with the format; however, I do enjoy and prefer the interaction of the regular Craftsy video classes. The instructions for the quilt were clear and the finished top is lovely. I love the pattern and the fabric.

Reviewer Avatar

Poor also disappointed with format  November 25, 2013

I also, did not realize or understand the format of the "workshop". I would not have signed up for this workshop had I read the instructions carefully. Anyone can order a pattern and fabric - I can do that. I was expecting some interaction.

Reviewer Avatar

Poor Major Disappointment  November 3, 2013

This is the only Craftsy class that has disappointed me. There was no mention that it was not a live workshop; the instructions were skimpy and confusing; Ms. Smith did not respond to questions.

I've been frustrated and annoyed though out because of the lack of clear instructions and will never buy a Workshop again. . I would have canceled as soon as I saw the format, but I had already ordered the fabric. Huge waste of money :-(


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Excellent Well Pleased  October 25, 2013

I knew when I signed up that this was not like the typical Craftsy class. I was very pleased with this format. The instructions were such that I did not have any questions. I was able to complete my quilt quickly. I love the pattern and the fabric. I am extremely happy with my quilt!

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Poor Disappointed  September 26, 2013

I am very disappointed that there is so little help for this class .... I thought there would be video tutorials like other classes I have taken. Why isn't Nancy answering the questions that have been presented? If I had known that it would be like this, I would not have purchased this workshop..... I think "workshop" is not an accurate description.

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Poor Also disappointed!  September 23, 2013

Although, I am enjoying creating this quilt, I feel as if I have been jipped. I was fully expecting video classes, as I have received in the past. I'm sure I could have created the same result with a quilt kit and for much less money too! I won't be so quick to jump on the band wagon next time one of these classes is offered.

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Poor Disappointed  September 11, 2013

I am trying to find the original description that I read when I enrolled. Where did it tell me that this would not be like any other Craftsy class I have taken in the past? I had no idea that this would be a 'class' without a 'class.' This is no more than a written pattern. I expected to have video instruction with tips and techniques. I will be much more careful when enrolling in Craftsy classes in the future.

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