Knitting: Acacia Cowl

Acacia Cowl

A Chunky Cabled Cowl

27 reviews

Welcome to the Acacia Cowl Knit-Along! I've been inspired by this particular cable stitch for some time now and finally found the perfect project for it. This easy cabled cowl pattern is a great way to learn to cable (without cable needles, no less!) and produces an unexpectedly intricate pattern with just the simplest of cable stitches.



Skill Level:

level 3 difficulty


Basic Skills Necessary:

  • Knitting
  • Purling
  • How to read a pattern
  • Basic lace stitches
  • Simple cable stitches


  • Pattern and instructions
  • Help from pattern designer anytime!
  • Step-by-step photos

Finished Size/Dimensions

  • One size fits all

You Will Need:

  • 1 skein SweetGeorgia Yarns Superwash Chunky in Terra Firma (120 yds / 109 m per 3.5 oz / 100 g skein; 100% superwash merino wool)
  • Size 15 US / 10 mm needles
  • Cable needle
  • Stitch markers
  • Darning needle
  • 2 buttons

About the Designer:

Felicia Lo

Felicia Lo

Driven by an obsessive, passionate and often tumultuous relationship with color, Felicia Lo has intensely pursued everything related to design, dyeing, spinning, weaving, knitting and photography. In 2005, she founded SweetGeorgia Yarns, an artisan hand-dyed yarn company that makes exquisite knitting yarns and spinning fibers in stunningly saturated colors. Felicia has taught spinning, dyeing and weaving in her production studio as a way to welcome more fiber enthusiasts to the world of color and texture. Felicia lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with her husband (who is not shy about his love of the color orange) and travels extensively to learn new skills and gain inspiration from other artisans. Learn more about Felicia and SweetGeorgia Yarns at

Reviews of this Workshop

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Average Not my favorite KAL.  March 15, 2014

I love Craftsy and get involved with every KAL they advertise to me, even though I usually don't get to finish it for a long, long time. I just finished this cowl, and it was a chore the whole time. The yarn bled on my fingers and was unpleasant to work with. I spent more time trying not to stain my clothes than actually working the pattern. I also did not enjoy the colors of the yarn, but that's a personal preference.

And then... I did my bind off, glad to be finished with the dang ...

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Good Acacia Cowl - Chunky Cable  December 29, 2013

Loved the outcome of this cowl... couple times had to frog, and i am a fairly new knitter - that scared me to death with the cables but I managed. This took me a long time to knit. I really had to focus on what I was doing so put it down every couple of days. Wish I had done it on a smaller size needle It seems to have stretched quite a bit when I blocked. Its drying now now and I found very cool buttons. Overall VERY excited to have taken this KAL even though I didn't really knit along as i ...

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Excellent This was a terrific workshop!  December 28, 2013

This was complicated for me, and I learned a lot. I will post pictures once it's blocked. The instructions were very clear and helpful

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Excellent Acacia Cowl  December 25, 2013

Really enjoyed the yarn and working the cables. I was surprised that I could knit up such a nice cowl. Even more surprised that I could follow the chart only. I auctioned it off at work to support one of the clubs for students. Then ... I ordered another kit for myself.
Thank you, Felicia!

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Excellent Cables aren't hard after all!  November 27, 2013

I have steered clear of cables in patterns since I first tried them, got all tangled up, and ran away screaming. But it has always eaten at me when I saw a beautifully cabled scarf that it was a technique I couldn't learn. When a woman at my job who I know to be a complete idiot showed up with a gorgeous cabled scarf and said, "I knit it myself!", I recognized the throw-down and picked up my mouse and my cable needle and joined this class.

So glad I did! I produced the Acacia ...

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Excellent Love the cowl and the Sweet Georgia Yarn  November 25, 2013

I had never cabled before so this is a great introduction. The design, size and details make this cowl a very nice gift. I'm so glad I enrolled.

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Excellent A big '10'  November 24, 2013

As our workshop comes to an end I want to say 'thank you' for a fun, delightful time with a beautiful yarn and perfect cowl pattern that can be used over and over to make gifts for the special people on our lists.
I hope we can do this again.

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Excellent Enjoy the challenge  November 18, 2013

This was my first attempt at cables. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the the workshop.

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Excellent Lovely pattern  November 17, 2013

This pattern was quick and easy to knit, took only 2 days . Loved how fast the chunky yarn worked up and the cable pattern was easy to remember. Since I've done cables many times I did not bother following the online class directions but I probably should have because it would have been nice to try doing cables without a cable needle. Oh well. I will definitely be knitting this pattern again.

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Excellent Lovely Project  November 14, 2013

I really enjoyed knitting the Acacia Cowl, and intend to make a couple more for holiday gifts. This was a nice, quick knit, and the instructions were well thought out and easy to follow. The end result is a lovely, fun, artsy, warm cowl, and I'm looking forward to wearing it this winter.

Bonus...I was afraid of cables in the past, but not anymore! Thank you for this awesome project!

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Excellent Acacia Cowl  November 13, 2013

Of all the Craftsy KALs that I have participated in, I enjoyed this one the I have to give it 5 stars PLUS!

The yarn is absolutely beautiful and knits up so smoothly; the pattern itself is well written with no mistakes that have to be corrected; and finally, this project is something that is practical, useful and can also be made up quickly for presents.

Thank you for offering such a fun and functional project.

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Excellent Quick and cute  November 12, 2013

This is a really quick and cute project. Love the yarn, I will be making this again!

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Excellent Quick and beautiful!  November 10, 2013

I enjoyed knitting this cowl. It is just challenging enough to hold my interest but not so difficult that I can't watch a movie. :) It's quick enough that I can make more for Christmas gifts.

The yarn is gorgeous and I love, love, love the color. It does soften up a bit when washed. I bought some pretty buttons to sew on when the cowl is finished drying and blocking.

I'll definitely look for more of Felicia's patterns!

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Excellent Great Workshop!  November 10, 2013

Good class - Wonderful yarn - Beautiful cowl! Well-written pattern with both written and charted instructions.

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Excellent Acacia Cowl  November 8, 2013

This was a great knit. It worked up quick. The cable repeats were easy to remember. I try to do each month's MKAL. This was a quick knit that I will do the pattern again & for presents. The yarn was great & only got softer when washed & blocked.

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Good Acacia Cowl/KAL  November 8, 2013

I really enjoyed knitting this cowl. Once you get pass the first set of cable and understand what your doing, it's easy. I printed the pattern and read it before I actually started knitting. I blocked it and waiting for it to dry. I will mattress stitich it together instead of using buttons. I prefer to wear it like a neck warmer.

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Excellent Fun cables  November 7, 2013

This was a fast and fun cowl with great cables to add interest. I liked the wool and at first it seemed I would run out, but I had enough. I would definitely make this again.

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Excellent Great, quick project  November 7, 2013

This was a fun project that was quick to do. The yarn was high quality, and the pattern lovely. I liked that it didn't take so long to finish the project that I was into a month (or two) past the KAL "month". The Sweet Georgia yarn was wonderful, and I loved the color choice. I was sorry to see some people whose understanding of a Craftsy workshop, computer and/or knitting skills were so poor that they wanted to blame the designer or Craftsy for ripping them off. I certainly felt like I more ...

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Good Nice yarn, easy knit  November 4, 2013

I had a couple of false starts on this cowl. I tried to do the cabling without a cable needle, as described, but had a difficult time. The stitches I took off the needle kept falling apart. I finally ended up using a cable needle.

The cowl took two only evenings, or a few hours' work, to complete. I'm not sure that my cabling looks 100% like the photo, but I'm happy with the way it came out.

I liked the soft, chunky yarn. Some of the color did rub off on my hands while I ...

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Excellent Great Workshop  November 4, 2013

This is my very first workshop with Craftsy and I couldn't be happier. Before I started, I read all of the earlier comments and responses from knitters. I began my project on Friday evening and finished on Saturday evening. I found the instructions clear and easy to understand. The yarn was a dream to work with and as with cables, I loved seeing the early pattern. The finished cowl is now drying. I was going to give it as a gift, but have changed my mind and will keep this to enjoy myself. ...

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Excellent Loved It!  November 4, 2013

This was such a fun project to make that I had to get up at 5:00am to finish it this morning! I loved working with cables again, and I found the most perfect buttons to go with the yarn. Now I have to block it and get those buttons on. I hope I can figure out how to upload a picture when I get back in town next week! Thanks for such an interesting pattern and gorgeous yarn to go with it! I was getting a little nervous at the end since I had less that a yard of yarn left!

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Good Very quick project  November 3, 2013

This was a very quick project, easy to knit. The instructions were very well written. Loved the yarn.

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Excellent Acacia Cowl  November 3, 2013

I had a blast knitting thus project. The pattern is beautiful as well as the yarn. Great way to learn how to knit cables without cable needles, chunky yarn helped a lot. Quick but fun project - perfect for last minute Holiday gift item.

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Excellent Love it!  November 3, 2013

What a fun project! This was my first KAL and my first attempt at chart reading. I love the yarn and the cable pattern shows it off beautifully. I finished knitting and now need to block and shop for buttons. :)

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Good Nice quick knit  November 2, 2013

A nice quick knit with a very nice yarn.
gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because I didn't look at the sections, I just printed the pdf and knit, so I can't really judge anything about that.

I did end up ordering more of this yarn in other colors to knit up as Christmas gifts.

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Good Acacia Cowl  November 2, 2013

Love the yarn it worked up fast. It took one day to do.

Reviewer Avatar

Good What a nice little knit!  November 2, 2013

Loving the colour of the yarn. I'm hoping you will consider putting it in your regular menu of colours. My cowl is sitting on the blocking board beside a skein of "pomegranate" The difference is like the difference between summer & fall.

Also loving the hand. I thought it would be a bit scratchy but after soaking and blocking it softens up beautifully.

I tend to like scarves to be very big and luxurious -- often means more than 1 skein of yarn which is, lets face it, ...

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