Knitting: Blue Angel Shawl

Blue Angel Shawl

A Simple Faroese-style shawl

34 reviews

This is what I call a “Faroese-ish” shawl. It has the traditional lace panel down the center back, which allows you to block the shawl so that the shoulders are “shaped” (see schematic) without having to do any special stitch work to shape them.

The center lace panel and the border are actually the same lace pattern! In the center panel, the lace is reminiscent of winged fairies or angels standing in a row. When repeated along the border, the lace creates romantic arches and teardrops. A decorative picot bind-off is used to emphasize the points of the lace. Both charted and written-out instructions are provided in this workshop, along with step-by-step photos.



Skill Level:

level 3 difficulty


Basic Skills Necessary:

  • Knitting
  • Purling
  • How to read a pattern
  • Basic lace stitches
  • Simple cable stitches


  • Pattern and instructions
  • Help from pattern designer anytime!
  • Step-by-step photos

Finished Size/Dimensions

  • The shawl can be made longer by working more repeats of the pattern.

You Will Need:

  • Cascade Heritage yarn in Como Blue
  • US 5(3.75mm) 24" circular needle
  • US size 7 knitting needles
  • darning needle

About the Designer:

Stefanie Japel

Stefanie Japel

Stefanie Japel learned to knit from her grandma when she was 8 years old. She grew up wearing her sweaters and borrowing the ones she made for other people. Most of these sweaters are raglans, knit in the round from the top. Stefanie continues this sweater-making tradition. A gifted designer, Stefanie has published three knitting books: Glam Knits, Fitted Knits and From the Top. Her work has appeared in books and publications including Big Girl Knits, Stitch N Bitch Nation, KnitGrrl, Knit Wit, Not Another Teen Knitting Book, Interweave Knits, Knitscene, Knit.1 and Vogue Knitting. She has designed patterns for Stitch Diva Studios, Southwest Trading Co., JCA Reynolds, Artful Yarns, Tilli Tomas and Mission Falls. Stefanie's teaching is marked by her infectious enthusiasm and keen eye for detail. Visit her blog for more information:

Reviews of this Workshop

Average Review (of 34 reviews)
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Excellent Loved this workshop!  May 29, 2014

I am very happy with this workshop. It was one of my first attempts at knitting lace shawls and I found the pattern and instruction very good. I wear this shawl often, and will make it again for presents, after receiving many compliments. Thank you so much for the opportunity to try something new.

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Average Amazing!  April 16, 2014

This was my very first workshop and thought there would be a little more detailed help. Am a little disappointed, mostly when it came to the picot bind off . I had to do a little research elsewhere and the picots don't look like the ones on Stefanie's shawl. I guess I started late enough all the corrections had been made prior to my starting.

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Good Pretty shawl  November 7, 2013

I didn't like the yarn for this. So, I used Malabrigo's Silky Merino. No more frogging back, no problems at all. I got to the edge, and the pattern was like Greek to me. I finished the last pattern down the center back, and did a yarn over across the back. I then knitted ALL those stitches and ended up with a lovely ruffle. I am very very happy with it. Will post a picture when I find the camera!

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Average Blue Angel Shawl  October 7, 2013

The shawl is beautifully designed but the instructions are confusing in regard to the side panels and chart 2. Though so many struggled through, it seemed as if the designer ignored all the cries for help. The answer is so simple and I believe with the instructions of "in regard to chart 2, you will be short one stitch between each marker and will have to take one from next set of 16" would have helped people a whole lot. Otherwise, it's a great class.

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Average Great yarn, need better test knitter  September 17, 2013

I enjoyed making this shawl. I loved the yarn -- the color is gorgeous!
Based on the issues with the pattern throughout the class, there was not enough test knitting done on this pattern. I still see an extraneous heading in my latest copy and the bind off which is the most complex part is still not clear that it is done on a wrong side row and that it should be knitted. I also ran out of yarn and a few more test knitters might have uncovered that potential issue. I did do a ...

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Excellent Loved this workshop!  September 16, 2013

I loved everything. From the beautiful yarn to the easy to understand pattern. I had a lot of fun with this workshop.

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Good Looking good  September 8, 2013

Love the end product, excellent instructions - I didn't do the picot bind off but pulled the pattern into points during blocking instead. Recommended!

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Average Good learning experience, however...  September 2, 2013

I've been running behind, and have frogged and tinked several times, so have been able to benefit from others' experience insofar as pattern difficulties were concerned. This will be my first completed lace project, and I've learned quite a bit. I have one real concern about the format of the KAL, and have been looking through the materials to see if it was addressed, with no luck so far. I know this was the JULY knit-along, but nowhere that I can find does it say the designer's involvement ...

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Okay Editing should have been done prior to publishing  August 16, 2013

I purchased this class as a Mystery Knit Along, with no idea what I may be getting myself into. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a lace shawl, since I love to knit lace.

Unfortunately, this pattern and set of instructions were unclear. Someone should have been recruited to knit the pattern as written and catch the mistakes prior to charging us to be the editors.. If one was not reading the other participant's comments, the corrections may not have been caught. Even up to ...

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Average lace isn't for me!  August 13, 2013

This was my second lace project. The first was this cute little scarf:

For this project, the directions were fine...I enjoyed using the iPad app Notability to track the charts and mark them off as I went. Very near the end, I almost gave up but then tore out a bunch and just forged ahead. I have more mistakes (hopefully not too noticeable...a good thing about lace!) than you could count but I'm glad I finished.

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Average Pretty but a little tricky at the end  August 13, 2013

This is my first Mystery Knit Along but second craftsy workshop. I really enjoyed the project - the yarn was nice and soft and a great color. I found the directions good until the very end with the picot bind off. The lace border was more about paying attention and keeping count of stitches. I really like how it came out.

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Average finished!!!  August 11, 2013

This is my first KAL and I was a bit disappointed in the poor quality of instructions. The other knitters were helpful with their comments...probably wouldn't have been successful without them -especially the one that said the instructions had been updated! I had been using "old" printed instructions and was really struggling in a few spots. I am not a newbie to lace knitting, and this was not difficult just tedious. I agree there should have been an errata page or some way to alert to ...

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Good Beautiful Shawl  August 10, 2013

I started over a couple times. I wasn't used to knitting with such fine yarn. I learned several different techniques and had to stop a few times due to various events. Just finished it today!. I have not blocked the shawl yet. Just ordered the blocking wires.

I'm very happy with this lesson!

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Excellent Great class!   August 9, 2013

I must have been ready for this as my first lace project reading a graph. I am not quite finished yet but have not had any problems beyond a slow start. Thank you so much, I am having a nice time, learned a few things and will be sure to sign up for another class!

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Excellent Outstanding  August 8, 2013

I finished while I was on vacation so I have not been able to post a photo yet. I love the shawl. The workshop was challenging and Stephanie was great at answering any and all questions no matter how silly. I recently got my yarn for the August knit-a-long and just ordered the one for September. Thanks so much for a beautiful pattern, and a great experience.

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Good Mixed Bag  August 1, 2013

The yarn was gorgeous, the pattern was fun. But, there were errors in the pattern at the end, and I had to wait quite a few days before there was a response. And even then, i went to get the updated pattern and I saw where instructions had been deleted, but the corrected ones weren't there. The experience is better when the designer can pop in daily to answer questions.
I'm happy with my shawl and it looks gorgeous. I enjoyed the knitting of it.

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Okay Learned several new things  July 31, 2013

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Good Great Fun - beautiful results!  July 30, 2013

This was my second KAL. My first experience with this type of forum was extremely disappointing so I have to say that I truly enjoyed this experience. I was excited when I received the yarn and more excited when the pattern was released. There were some issues between printed pattern and website, but thankfully the participants input resolved issues MOST of the time before I reached the parts of the pattern that were unclear. I would have rated the experience as 5 star if not for the issues ...

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Good Thankyou  July 30, 2013

I learned a lot ! And isn't that what it's all about. One of the things I learned was that lovely k3 yo border which I will use on other projects. I also learned picot bind off and improved my pattern and stitch analysis and ability to tink ( knit backwards). So, thank you Stefani. Kathy

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Excellent Blue Angel Shawl (July KAL)  July 29, 2013

This was my first KAL and I was a bit apprehensive that I could do such an ambitious project - but it turned out to be such an enjoyable experience. I ended up with a lovely shawl and I can be proud to say, "I made it myself!"

I am a slow knitter, so by the time I got to the trouble spots that other knitters found, the problems had been corrected, so I sailed right through. Thanks to those who pointed these errors out so they could be corrected. I don't know if I would have been ...

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Average Nice shawl  July 29, 2013

I was pleased with the pattern and yarn. The directions could have been written more clearly. I was most disappointed that my ball of yearn was not enough to finish the project. The directions were followed. After three different local,yarn stores were visited, I was able to find more. So the project ended up costing me twice as much as anticipated.

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Okay Blue Angel Shawl Workshop July 2013 MKL   July 27, 2013

I like my finished project, a bit 'rusty' but still a Blue Angel Shawl. It is on the blocking boards now and I'm pleased. While the end result is quite pretty I found this design a bit simple for my taste. This is, in my opinion, a beginner lace project. Besides the picot bindoff, this design has only simple increases (YO) and single (ssk) and double decreases (sk2tog passover), the very basic lace stitches. And one must be able to consciously count stitches as they are worked, i.e. a beginner ...

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Average Blue Angel Shawl  July 23, 2013

Overall, I really liked the final outcome. The shawl is beautiful and were two firsts for me: I had never tried knitting lace or a shawl. The instructions were a little confusing and I felt that by the time I had a problem, that the designer was sick and tired or hearing from those of us who were confused. However, the other knitter's comments were helpful. I actually almost gave up, but then, I went to bed early, got up the next morning and persevered! And I actually liked how, even if ...

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Excellent I enjoyed it!  July 22, 2013

I love teal anyway and I love lacy shawls and scarves so this was a perfect project for me. I learned quite a bit as well. The picot cast-off was a new challenge for me and I do love a challenge. The pattern was beautiful with the lace panel and border, setting off the solid sections quite well. Also, even though it was lace, I could still watch a movie while I knitted as well as enjoy a glass of wine. (Wine is usually taboo for me while knitting any lace work pattern ha-ha). Loved it! ...

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Average Main objection  July 16, 2013

I'm not finished yet and still plodding along. My belated suggestion is that a shawl which has complicated stitches that are sure to frustrate and even turn off some knitters, might be better in a variegated yarn. That way, when a stitch or two needs to be fudged, it won't be obvious as in this solid color that was used here. Many, many people, including me, ripped out row after row when a boo-boo was spotted, because it GLARED at us! Variegation means good camouflage!

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Average beautiful but challenging  July 15, 2013

Loved the yarn, knit up nicely. Written pattern instructions conflicted with online notes from designer. Written instructions obviously were not edited and errors made lace border and picot bind off difficult. I thought designer could have been more helpful (responsive) to knitter's questions. I found most questions were answered by other knitters. Charts were easy to follow and large enough to read. I think rating should have been more on the intermediate to expert level. I am glad I ...

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Average My first workshop on Craftsy  July 15, 2013

While the pattern is lovely and alot of the steps were well laid out, there were mistakes in the pattern that were not easily communicated. I felt there should have been an errata page to the workshop. Pictures for the lace eding to the bind off especially were not what the pattern indicated. And both the pictures and the pattern were different than the written instructions. For example, in the pattern it says 15 rows of the lace eding, the written instructions in the workshop total up to 14 ...

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Average Okay, but  July 13, 2013

I wish this had been a bit more challenging. The yarn was wonderful to work with, but there were errors in the pattern that caused confusion. The other knitters were a huge help in figuring out this pattern - they were very quick to respond to questions.

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Excellent Great Knit Along  July 11, 2013

I think this forum is great for a workshop and to be monitored by some great teachers. I am in the July Knit Along here and Stephanie is amazing with her project selection. This lace project is getting me to be able to learn all aspects of lace as a knitter who has knit for a long time but scared of lace. I did join June's knit along with Laura Nelkin and she is lace, I love her work, but I think that one with the Mohair was a little over my head, I will knit it though and love that design ...

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Excellent Challenging but worth it!  July 11, 2013

I enjoyed learning a few new techniques and love the result. The mystery project pushed me into a project I don't normally do - lace! So, I'll plan to do more mysteries.

It really helped to have further explanation of how the double decrease and yarn-overs worked on the second lace chart. It seems that a number of us had difficulty with it. Stefanie was great to offer that additional guidance. Thank you!

Also, I love the yarn; it has a nice soft feel and teal is my ...

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Excellent I loved it!  July 10, 2013

I loved this workshop, it was a lot of fun. I have been knitting for over 25 years and I knitted with a yarn I had never used before and used a color that I had never chosen before and I knitted a gorgeous, beautiful shawl pattern for the first time. I loved it! Thank you.

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Excellent A satisfying challenge!  July 9, 2013

I truly enjoyed this workshop! The project is beautiful and quick. I think the level may be rated a bit too low- should be more expert, I think. The border issues were a challenge, but worked out for those of us who persisted. I think Stefanie was very responsive and helpful. Other reviewers were concerned about the lack of replies to their posts. Keep in mind that most of the issues occurred around Fourth of July weekend. Give Stefanie some down time!
A beautiful fun summer project.

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Excellent Love the pattern.  July 8, 2013

I loved the pattern for this shawl. It was very quick to knit and the yarn was superb. Great color and texture.

Reviewer Avatar

Poor Directions unclear. Disappointing  July 7, 2013

What is the point of having a a discussion board when issues are not addressed? Two people besides me had the same issue with chart 2 and it has been 2 days with no solution. I am not likely to sign up for another workshop.

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