Quilting: Secret Garden Quilt

Secret Garden Quilt

A Quick & Easy Layer-Cake Quilt

24 reviews

I'm just so thrilled to share this fabulous surprise project with you here on Craftsy! Inspired by Amy Butler's gorgeous fabric collection, Belle, this quilt is just bursting with colorful, exotic bohemian charm, and it's super easy and simple to put together: you'll be snuggling with it in no time! Join me, and the unparalleled crafting community here at Craftsy, and let's stitch up this mystery quilt together! The design's a secret, but if you know me, you know it's gonna be fresh and colorful! I really let this gorgeous fabric take center stage on this one. Expect a color-soaked, summery geometric quilt that showcases the Belle prints–it will most certainly add a pop of personality to any room you put it in. The workshop includes the pattern, with in-depth instructions and high quality close-up photos of each step, along with helpful layout illustrations. And don't worry about getting stuck or needing tips, I'll be responding to questions and offering personalized help along the way. Won't you join us? C'mon, time's a wasting, so let's get quilting!



Skill Level:

level 2 difficulty


Basic Skills Necessary:

  • Basic quilting knowledge
  • Basic sewing knowledge
  • Reading a pattern


  • Pattern and instructions
  • Help from pattern designer anytime!
  • Step-by-step photos

Finished Size/Dimensions

  • 60"x83"

You Will Need:

  • 2 Amy Butler Belle Layer Cakes + 3/4 yard Kona Cotton (White/Snow)
  • Sewing machine
  • Matching thread

About the Designer:

Amy Gibson

Amy Gibson

Amy Gibson is a lifelong crafter, and first fell in love with quilting in the fifth grade. She is the author of For Keeps: Meaningful Patchwork for Everyday Living, and her quilts have been featured in numerous publications, including Fat Quarterly, Moda Bake Shop and Sew Mama Sew. Amy is also the creative force behind the blog and original pattern store StitcheryDickeryDock.com.

Reviews of this Workshop

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Poor Mystery Garden Quilt  March 7, 2014

I bought this kit almost a year ago. I didn't make it until this week as I thought the fabric was unbelievably ugly. Now it is made up. I was interested in buying more fabric or kits but I am so disappointed with your choice of fabric I do not think I will use your site. Do you pick out fabric that would never sell and put it together into a mystery quilt hoping someone like me will be gullible enough to try it out?

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Excellent Love this quilt!  January 23, 2014

This class was really easy to follow, I only have a few quilts under my belt, but found this class to be simple to follow along. The fabrics are vibrant and beautiful. A wonderful quilt!

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Excellent mystery surprise  January 20, 2014

this was my first mystery, and with it was Secret Garden, at first the material was something I wouldn't have picked out. After I got started the more I liked the fabric and know it is my favorite. And I made a wall hanging out of the extra, plus got a charm pack of the same print to finish the wall hanging. Really love this site.

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Okay Disappointed   December 28, 2013

I am just beginning this quilt. I have washed my fabric & pressed it. During the pressing process I noticed that my squares are rectangles! One of the smallest is 9 1/2 X 9 1/4 inches.

This is not a very good start to my first kit project, I am very reluctant to try another!

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Good A Fun Experience  September 19, 2013

I found this a very fun experience. The pattern was easy enough that I could concentrate on how the different fabrics looked together.

It is amazing how the different patterns can enhance each other.

This workshop was a reminder to me that part of the charm of quilts comes from the mixture of colors and textures in the fabric used.

I always appreciate an experience which makes me look at things through new eyes.

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Excellent Exactly what I expected.  September 12, 2013

Thank your for the workshop. My quilt is exactly what I wanted. The quilt was a very easy pattern. The fabrics were busy and vibrant which made this the perfect pattern to showcase them.

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Good finished all the cutting!  August 30, 2013

I finally finished all the cutting. I had a bit of problems but not so bad. I decided not to cut the layer cakes, I just stetch the fabric a bit. I am a bit dissappointed about the way I placed my colours in the first 9 patch but what can I do now... They are sewed together and cut.
I still have to put the final blocks together, I tried but was mad at myself so I stopped. Will do it later. I hope I don't put it aside and not complete it.
I finally put in down on my bed and ...

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Good Totally enjoyed  August 29, 2013

I know our disappointments come from it being advertised as a Mystery Quilt - and it really was not a mystery. Just a workshop which would have been fine with me if they just said so upfront. And, I know we were really frustrated with the fabric being cut wrong. All that said, I am totally enjoying putting this together. I do not buy this type of fabric normally so it gave me a chance to see something different. I truly enjoy working with anything from Amy Gibson so it was a no brainer to ...

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Excellent Loved it!  August 25, 2013

Some of you out there are complaining that the quilt was too simple and you didn't like the fabriics. Believe me, I have too many other quilt projects going that aren't too simple, and I so appreciated how the beautiful "Boho" fabrics were already picked out for me, and for the most part, cut. I thought Amy was very upfront on explaining this quilt and the fabric. That's what drew me to it. She said that they were "boho" fabrics, and they were. The whole project was a great value, and I ...

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Okay Great fabric but a lackluster pattern...  August 15, 2013

Like others, I thought this 'quilt along' would be akin to a shorter version of one of Craftsy's block of the month classes. I feel like a lot of disappointment could have been avoided with a clearer explanation of what this quilt along would be like.

I also have to agree that this quilt is way too simple. It is possible to make a beginner-friendly pattern that is also visually interesting, and this is not it. The fabric is also too busy for this pattern, in my opinion. I am giving ...

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Okay Definition of Disappointing  August 14, 2013

This was a completely misleading class that was a waste of money. A Mystery Quilt-a-Long? A name like that implies that the quilt will be put together in stages that are explained on a per-block basis, or at least something similar. There's nothing mysterious about such a basic pattern (that you can find very similar, free patterns for all over the Internet) that Amy can describe in such a short section.

Would have been one star, but I remember how wonderful Amy was in her free BOM ...

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Excellent gorgeous fabric and easy beautiful quilt!  August 13, 2013

First off, I see all the disapointed reviews and I wonder why? The fabric is gorgeous and it makes the quilt! I think sometimes as quilters we think the more complicated spmething is the better it will be and we forget to occassionally let the fabric do all the work. I've made all kinds of quilts, but never a disappearing nine patch. It made me want to do more like this and I will be making more of them in the future. This was a well welcomed and refreshing treat!

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Excellent Secret Garden - top finished!  August 11, 2013

I thought it was very clever and easy to do. Created a nice quilt.
Very happy with Amy's directions as usual. Loved her 2012 Block of the
Month, so I knew I would trust her in this one!!!!
Nice Job Amy! I have to still sandwich quilt and bind.. next weekend!

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Excellent lots of fun  August 11, 2013

I would never have picked these fabrics on my own. I really like how it turned out.I love Amy,s style and teaching.Hope there will be another class.

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Excellent Secret Garden Mystery Quilt  August 9, 2013

I really enjoyed this project and found the instructions easy to follow and understand along with high quality photos! Thanks Amy for a lovely project!

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Excellent Secret Garden Quilt (mystery craft-along with Amy Gibson)  August 5, 2013

This quilt is fun, easy, and beautiful----exactly as advertised. I really enjoyed this workshop and I found the construction of the top free of frustration and enjoyable to put together. Amy Gibson's patterns and photos are great quality and very detailed. Recommended!

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Good Quick and Easy  August 4, 2013

Fun colors and quick and easy just as advertised.

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Excellent Gorgeous fabrics + clever and quick pattern = one amazing quilt top!  August 4, 2013

I am having a great time sewing up these sets and then cutting them into the four blocks. I wasn't able to get the kit, but I easily found the 10" charm squares online. I appreciate the chance to use these incredibly beautiful fabrics in a super fun random quilt top.

Probably Craftsy shouldn't have called it a mystery quilt, and I can see the frustration and confusion. Let's just call it what it is, a fun and quick quilt-a-long which can absolutely be done inside of a month. Nice ...

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Excellent Excited to get started!  August 3, 2013

I see some very disappointing reviews. This was not advertised as a project for experts. If it had not been a beginner quilt a long, I would never have signed up for the class. I have not started the quilt yet, but have read the directions. I am always looking to learn new ways to do things and this give me an opportunity to do just that and I love Amy's teaching style. The only disappointing part will be if the fabric is not cut as it should be. That could really mess up a beginner. I ...

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Good Plain but lovely....  August 1, 2013

I contemplated not getting this quilt-a-long because I am not a big fan of the fabric and the day it was announced I was actually able to see the design in the Supplies section of the Craftsy website. That kind of took away the 'mystery' element of it. I thought the design was pretty simple and basic for the price but then they offered it as QAL only for a cheaper price and I was able to use my own fabric selection. I'm going with Santa's Workshop by Riley Blake Designs. I think the quilt ...

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Good Beautiful and yet simple to do.  August 1, 2013

I'm happy with this mystery quilt. It will be the third quilt I will be doing, and I'm happy to be learning a new way to do a quick quilt. I knew from the beginning that it will be a simple quilt to do, since it was going to be only a one time instructions... So this month I will do this quilt and think of the one that will receiving it as a gift.


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Poor so disappointed  August 1, 2013

I was looking forward to doing a mystery quilt with fabrics that are not my usual cup of tea..............feel like I wasted money and time. I could almost do this in my sleep. Craftsy you let me down!

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Okay MIsleading  August 1, 2013

This is fine if you want to buy a quilt kit and have photo instructions to walk you through a beginner project, however, it should never have been called a "Mystery Quit-along" as per the advertisement and description when I purchased the bundle.

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Poor Disappointed  August 1, 2013

Looked forward to beginning the Mystery
quilt. What a disappointment! This quilt is far too simple to qualify as a mystery quilt. If you were going to present a quilt that is so simple it should have been labeled as such. I understood that this would not be a video class so that's not my disappointment, it's the content. I have come to expect more from the Craftsy experience and will be more careful in the future when considering purchasing a class.

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