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Ridgewood Shawlette

Reversible accessory

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Want to knit a shawlette but don't know where to start?

There are hundreds of patterns out there and searching for one you like enough to knit feels like looking for a needle in a haystack. Especially when they all look so similar! Pointy edges, a lot of yarn overs and scalloped lace design. You've seen one, you've seen them all.

But Ridgewood Reversible Shawlette is something different. Sure, there are yarn overs and enough lace to keep even the most traditional shawlette knitter happy, but with reversible stitch patterns, cables, and stitches going in all directions, this shawlette will keep you knitting to see what happens next. And that is what we are all looking for in our next knitting pattern, right?



Skill Level:

level 3 difficulty


Basic Skills Necessary:

Only the desire to learn the skills involved with knitting


  • Complete instructions
  • Downloadable PDF pattern
  • Help from pattern designer anytime!
  • Step-by-Step Photos

You Will Need:


  • Yarn: Fiesta Baby Boom, 90% Extra Fine Superwash Merino, 10% Nylon; 440 yds/ 4oz: 134, Valilla, 1 skein
  • Needles: Size 4 (3.5 mm): 24ʺ or longer circular needle
  • Stitch markers
  • Tapestry needle


  • Knit
  • Purl
  • Cast on
  • Bind off
  • Increase stitches
  • Decrease stitches
  • Cabling
  • Picking up stitches

About the Designer:



I'm a knitwear and embroidery pattern designer and knitting teacher from Michigan who currently lives in Chicago. My patterns have been published in Interweave Knits, Knitscene, and knit.wear magazines, and by Lion Brand Yarns. I self publish patterns and blog at The Sweatshop of Love and run Holla Knits and Red Letter Day Stitches.

Reviews of this Workshop

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Excellent Finished  June 1, 2013

I learned so much from this project. Some of the things were reminders and others like the cane stitch new to me.

It was a pleasure working with the Baby Boom yarn. I added 2 extra rows of canestitch to the sides and still had yarn left over.

Thank you for offering this workshop.

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Excellent Great KAL  November 12, 2012

I've never done a mystery KAL before and I was very pleased with this one. Allyson was great and helpful with questions. I learned so much and had a lot of firsts with this; first time knitting cables, lace, seed stitch and adding a border. I started over about 8 times and did a lot of tinking back but also learned how to read my knitting better and fix mistakes, all good skills. I now have a.perfect shawlette for my efforts. I also love the yarn and colors. Thanks for a great workshop!

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Excellent Fantastic KAL and designer!   November 4, 2012

This was a fantastic KAL! I learned so much and Allyson was such a wonderful designer, answering all of our questions and encouraging us along the way. She definitely when above and beyond. I would do another MKAL or KAL with her in a heart beat!

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Excellent Ridgewood Shawlette  October 15, 2012

I am new to knitting and had a blast with this project. It turned out beautiful and I will post a picture after I had blocked it. Thanks for the awesome project! Wish the one I bought for this month was as good as this one.

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Excellent Ridgewood Shawlette  October 12, 2012

I have finisished ny shawl which should have ben don weeks a go but I put it down to start something new. This was the 1st time that i did a class on line and I think it is a wonderful thing especialaly for people who do not have local support of other knitters... the instruction and video were great and I gor great response when i asked questions..More and more I get frustrated with tcchnology changing by the misnute for the purpose of knitting it is a wonderful thing,,Yrs aga I learned to ...

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Excellent This is why I knit.  October 11, 2012

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Excellent Sept. MKAL!  October 11, 2012

Really enjoyed this MKAL, got off to a slow start, had to watch video several times, but all in all, glad I enrolled. The yarn is beautiful and feels great. Thanks Allyson for're a great teacher and designer!

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Excellent really enjoyed making this   October 9, 2012

I really like the fact that there is no wrong side. I will use some of these techniques in future projects. this is a really cute project

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Excellent Loved this project  October 7, 2012

I am just finishing up this shawl, and have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience with a complicated lace pattern. I had trouble at first with the cane lace, but a video was immediately uploaded that cleared up all my questions. Would certainly work with this designer's patterns again. Well worth the money spent!!!

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Excellent Enjoyable  October 7, 2012

I had a great time working on this project. I am very happy with the finished product as well. I would recommend doing these KALs.

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Excellent Wonderful KAL  September 27, 2012

Thank you for such a wonderful project. It provided enough of a challenge that I feel I really got my money's worth. Unlike previous projects, this one was more than a three day knit.

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Excellent Wonderful KAL  September 26, 2012

I frogged this project 5 times before the instructions magically made sense to me. I'm so glad I stuck with it. Thanks to Allyson and my fellow KALers, I now have a beautiful shawlette. I appreciate Allyson's guidance and videos and the encouragement and helpful tips from everyone working on this project. I would definitely make this shawlette again although I would not use this yarn, as it was very splitty.

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Excellent Great workshop!  September 25, 2012

This has been a really fun project, and I am very pleased with how my shawlette looks so far. I am blocking it this evening, The edging part was difficult but rewarding if you can complete it! Those of you who don't have the patience to do the edging -- don't fret! Your shawlette will still look beautiful without it.

Allyson has been a wonderful instructor and I really appreciated the cane lace video she made. That video was so helpful and made all the difference. She is also very ...

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Excellent A 5-star Workshop with a 5-star Designer/Instructor  September 24, 2012

I highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in a project that keeps you anxious to travel from section to section. Allyson chose a wonderfully soft yarn in a neutral, go-with-everything color palette. Her design is captivatingly innovative and she did a superb job helping navigate us through it with great instructions, photos, prompt feedback to questions, and she went above and beyond when she shot a video right after the start of the workshop as she quicly discovered a lot of us ...

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Good My first KAL!  September 23, 2012

I'm pretty pleased with this project, it was my first attempt at anything lacy and once the how to video was posted it was easy to get the patten and rhythm down. I loved being able to read through everyones questions and comments and pick up tips along the way.

I like the feel of the yarn chosen and while I would have picked a different color, if given the choice its neutral enough to go with most any outfit. It was also a great value for the price of the class.

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Excellent I don't like surprises, BUT....  September 23, 2012

I am not really a fan of surprises, but my mom wanted to sign up for this mystery KAL. I have to say that I am very pleased with this KAL. I LOVE the pattern. I learned a new stitch, and the combination of yarn with sections of different stitches just gives an amazing result. I love the cabled edging, and I really liked the way the stitches on the edging are picked up and knit together with the cabled border. Excellent pattern and great KAL. I also have signed up for the next mystery KAL.

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Excellent Ridgewood shawlette  September 23, 2012

I agree with majority. Class was great. This is my first kal and instructor and pattern are great. Also enjoyed interacting with others who had same problems as I did. Have already signed up for next kal. This has been a lot of fun. Many thanks to all of you guys.

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Excellent KAL Ridgewood Shawlette  September 19, 2012

There are plenty of things to learn with this project. Lace, cables, seed stitch and the every expanding garter stitch are used in very interesting combinations in this project. I think it is the first time I used a cable for a finishing border and it is beautiful. I kept switching between Continental Pick for seed stitch and throwing for the cables but I will get better at it the next time I make the Shawlette. ( Seed stitch is so slow using the throwing method). I would have like to have ...

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Excellent Satisfying and rewarding  September 16, 2012

Don't join this workshop if you're looking for a space-out-while-watching-tv project. Join this workshop if you want a challenging, saitisfying and ultimately rewarding experience. Learn a new stitch and something about yourself in the process! Even though the yarn had some flaws the suggested yarn's color pattern shows off the design perfectly. The designer is helpful and patient and easy to contact. I'll definitely be joining any KALs in the future hosted by this designer!!

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Excellent Joyful Learning  September 12, 2012

I entered this kal because I liked the "mystery" aspect instead of choosing something on my own. Sometimes I stay in my comfort zone a little too long. Everyday we should do something that scares us a little and that's where I was when I began this pattern. I started and stopped many time that first day. Finally, after reviewing all the posts from other knitters and Allyson herself, things fell into place and I was off and knitting. That is not to say there aren't mistakes scattered in my ...

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Excellent Ridge wood Shawlette  September 4, 2012

This is my 3rd KAL and by far the most interesting! I agree with Mtknitting, you cannot blame the designer for website errors/issues and she has gone above and beyond, answering the same questions over and over again. I will definitely do more KALs in the future, and hope Allyson is the designer again!

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Poor Lessons learned  September 4, 2012

Inherent in any yarn club or Mystery KAL, is the possibility that the pattern and or yarn aren't appealing to the participant. That was the case here for me. I'm not a fan of either cables or mesh lace, and I hate any shade of brown. Parts of the pattern were not clear to me, but the designer answers questions and addresses the expressed concerns in a timely manner. Probably won't do a Mystery KAL anywhere again.

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Poor Ridgewood Scarf  September 3, 2012

After working two days through the errors in the pattern finally had the center panel. I studied both sides and it is reversible, bith sides looked like crap. So now I'm making a shawl pattern I actually like with the yarn.

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Excellent Excellent workshop  September 3, 2012

This is my first workshop through Craftsy, and I couldn't be more pleased. The designer/instructor is more than accommodating, responding to questions and even adding a video to help with a challenging lace pattern for those who learn visually rather than through simply following a written pattern and directions.

While a one-skein shawlette is a little small for me, it will make a lovely Christmas gift, with the bonus of learning of new lace pattern.

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Excellent Great KAL  September 3, 2012

The previous reviews are not fair and are not representative of this KAL. I wrote Craftsy in advance of the class and got details about the stitches required, experience level, etc. They were very helpful and got back to me right away with my questions. No where did it say needles were included--you know what the saying is about "assuming". This instructor has gone out of her way to get back to people who are having problems and to answer questions, even when the same question is asked over ...

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