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Latvia, European Union country

My name is Rasa. I worked in sewing atelier. I was a tailor's apprentice. I learned how to sew different garments, I learned how to make sewing patterns. But "Rasa's advices how best to sew" is my first blog in English about sewing and sewing patterns. Free sewing patterns and full step by step photo tutorials you will find in my blog. My blog link is -

Best for You's Pattern Store: Rasa Patterns

bobble, cuff hat for men, women, 8 sizes


bobble, cuff beanie for women, 4 sizes


bobble, cuff beanie hat for men, 4 sizes


slouchy beanie pattern, 8 sizes


slouchy beanie pattern for men, 4 sizes


slouchy hat sewing pattern, 4 sizes


slouch beanie sewing pattern, 4 sizes


slouchy beanie sewing pattern, 8 sizes


slouch beanie pattern for women, 4 sizes


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