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Knitting and sewing are my two biggest favorite hobbies, but I love dappling in all things crafty.


Knittinluv's Wishlist: Patterns

35 Products

Crossbar Bike Bag by Lidija Miklavcic


City, Body Phone Belt Tote by Lidija Miklavcic


Wee Mouse Tin House by MmmCrafts


801 - Super Socks by MariaDenmark


Parisienne Cafe by Sew-Ichigo


401B - Audrey B Knit Dress by MariaDenmark


Eden Apron Skirt PDF by Tenderfeet Stitches


Diaper Backpack E-book by Lidija Miklavcic


Flees mittens by Lidija Miklavcic


Charlotte Dress by Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop


Pink Dress by The Lily Bird Studio


Pacifier Pouch Cube by Sunday Girl Patterns


Hanging Car Trash Bag by Ernie K Designs


Pear applique template by Kip & Fig