North Wales, PA

Just like most people, at a young age my mom got me interested in different types of crafts. She taught me how to needlepoint when I was about 7 years old, tried to teach me how to sew, and, painstakingly tried to teach me how to knit, several times. Unfortunately, none of these crafts caught my attention or interest quite like the jewelry kits always did. At a birthday party one year, my mom bought a "Lisa Frank Kids Jewelry Kit" for us ... Read Full Bio »


Olha421's Wishlist: Patterns

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Gemstone Multiple Wrap Bracelet by Kirsten D


Garden Heart Bracelet by Jodi Bombardier


His & Hers Metal Cuff by Feelingstone


SALE! Diamonds Are Forever by Feelingstone


Jetson Cuff by Jodi Bombardier


Navajo Heart Cuff Bracelet by Feelingstone


Aruba Shawl by Kollage Yarns


Easy As Pie by Maiden Brooklyn


The Bay of Fundy Scarf by The Blue Brick


Sexy Vesty by CanaryKnits


Corona by CanaryKnits


Cabled Wine Sweater by Knit 2 Purlwise


lacy zig zag shawl by Amadeit


Glam Shells by Maiden Brooklyn


Waterfall Earrings by earringsbyerin


claire de lune earrings by KicaBijoux


Sun Orchid Stud Earrings by earringsbyerin