I have always liked making things since I was a child. Have started quilting in the past 3 years, and started sewing my own clothes since taking the Couture dress class.


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Xavier's Summer Shorts by Create Kids Couture


Flashback Skinny Tee by Made by Rae


The Paloma Top, Tunic & Dress by Meg McElwee


Basket Weave by Laura Nownes


Mod Pop by Julie Pickles Designs


In Bloom by a little crispy


Coastal Cardigan Tutorial by Design Fixation


Wonderfully Fishy by FatCat Patterns


Olivia the Octopus by Abby Glassenberg Design


Scooter the Turtle by Abby Glassenberg Design


1969 No. 35 Monique Coat by Embonpoint Vintage


Women's House Slippers by Jays Boutique


Caitlyn Handbag by Betz White