Lynn Nichols

Houston, Texas

I enjoy knitting and collecting yarn ;-)


Lynn Nichols's Wishlist: Patterns

17 Products

Challah Infinity Scarf by Pam Powers Knits


A-Line Skirt [VKSS06_08] by Vogue Knitting


Tanana by Patty's Knits


Sawtooth Skirt by Kira K Designs


The Guardian Owl by Mamma4earth


Minimissimi Sweater Coat by Minimi Knit Design


Quick and Easy Knit Santa Hat by Ashley Fox


Celtic Heart Knot #910 by


Ice by BernioliesDesigns


Fair Isle Bag by Knitting Traditions


Felted Doctor Bag by Pipp's Patterns


Summer Top to Knit K2.27 by Dovetail Designs


Allegro by Tricotbec