Angelina Glick

Reinholds, PA

My mom started me with knitting and crocheting at the age of 5. As my knowledge of it outgrew my moms, I turned to my sister for help when I didn't understand something. I home schooled through 10th grade and graduated in 2009 with a public school. I can't live without Irish dancing and am currently studying to take the 4 day exam to be a certified teacher in 2014. When I'm not teaching dance or martial arts to young kids, my hands are always ... Read Full Bio »

Angelina Glick's Pattern Store: Knockout Kreations

(C) Pot Scrubber


(K) Custom Fingerless Gloves


(K) Thick Quick n' Switch Headband


(C) Simple Switchin' Headbands


(K) Ruffle Kerchief


(C) Ruffle Skirt


(K) Ruffle Pony


(K) Ruffle Skirt