Paris, Ontario

I've been knitting for (OMG!) over 50 years. But wait: I started when I was about 4 so that's not so bad! I love things that look hard to make but are actually really easy, and I very much enjoy the challenge of off-the-wall construction techniques. I had my own mail order knitting kit business for a while, and I was President and co-founder of the Knitting Guild of Canada. I am also a Master Knitter as accredited by TKGA and I was the ... Read Full Bio »

5pennies's Pattern Store: Scruffy Dog Knits

Tiilitalo Mittens


Dunes Jacket


Labyrinth Knitted Scarf


Lush Fringed Scarf


Eyelet Edge Knitted Scarf Set


MASSIVE knitted scarf


Basic Knit Scarf: with a Quirk!


Sock Yarn Knitted Jacket


Problem-Solver Knitted Cowl


Scandinavian Sampler Knitted Pullover


Fireside Knitted Throw Blanket


Petals Knitted Scarf


Sinuosity One-Ball Knitted Scarf