Squamish, BC, Canada

I am a swiss crafter living in Canada, mom of 2 wonderful little boys. For the past 3 years, creating patterns and sewing have been my main activities. I particularly love sewing, quilting, drawing , soapmaking and flutemaking. I have built a soap company (Wild and Wise), have wrote 2 books about natural cosmetics. Walking in the forest, on the beach and watching my sons playing are my favorite ways to find inspiration for my next quilt or block ... Read Full Bio »


Cyrille's Wishlist: Patterns

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Fit to a T Jacket by Amelie Scott Designs


Slash/Backslash Quilt by Feed Dog Designs


Travel Duffel Pattern by StudioCherie


The OK Corral by The Red Boot Quilt Company


Fly Boy Quilt Pattern by Carolyn Design