Dover, DE

My mom and grandmother's all sew and crochet, so I've been doing that since as long as I remember. I am a self taught knitter since high school, and self taught quilter since 2002.


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Seahorse PP pattern by ShapeMoth


Let' go camping! Set of 7 blocks by Bubblestitch


Cuckoo Clock paper pieced block by Bubblestitch


Juicy Goosey (Paper pieced block) by Jeli Quilts


Mini Messenger Bag by Sewing It Up


leethal Mary Janes by Leethal Knits


Beautiful Bowling Bag by Sewchristine


Entrechat by Frogginette Knitting Patterns


Humperdink Tote Bag by Seaschell Quilts


Pushme Pullme Block by Squeek Crafts


Swoon Eloise Wallet by Swoon Patterns


The Boxy Bag by So Sew Easy


Crocodile Stitch Boots Trio by Bonita Patterns


Urban Chic Apron Pattern by Sugar Pie Chic


ZigZag Love by Hope's Quilt Designs