Carson City, Nevada

I began at age 11 when I taught myself to sew. Crafting was not a part of growing up. My mother, grandmother and other relatives knew nothing about sewing, knitting, crocheting or needlepoint. I do not know why sewing was my first interest but I have loved it from the start. I used an old cast iron "White" sewing machine my mom had but didn't know how to use.My parents bought me a brand new Sears Kenmore sewing machine for my high school ... Read Full Bio »


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Owl Obsession by The Hat & I


Vans Slippers 'New' by Shush Lander


Tree Frog by Sarah Horrocks


Patches by Sarah Horrocks


Fabulous Mouse by Sarah Horrocks


Farmyard Friends Combo Pack by Sarah Horrocks


Salty the Pirate Octopus by Sarah Horrocks


Mischievous Rabbit by Sarah Horrocks


Springtime Robin by Sarah Horrocks


Patty Cake the Baker Girl by Sarah Horrocks


Chameleon Sidekick by Sarah Horrocks


Rapunzel knitted doll by Phoenixknits


Ooh scary trick or treat boy by Phoenixknits


Helix Gloves by Kira K Designs


Ritzy mitts by katyafrankel.com/shop.html


Alpenhorn by Fiber Dreams


Ruckle Mitts by The Knitting Vortex


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