Pittsburgh, PA

A little over 4 years ago my boyfriend suggest I pick up a hobby. Well, I picked up the hobby of knitting, ran with it, and now it's an obsession. I love finding new yarn and patterns to try. I absolutely hate ripping and frogging projects and will try to find ways to fix something before that happens. It usually doesn't work out! Someday, I hope to own a yarn store and teach others (especially kids) the great skill of knitting!


Stroupj88's Wishlist: Patterns

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Picea by Andrea Rangel Knits


Arboles Cowl by sashkaRC


Auri Wrap by The Yarniad


Itineris Shawl by The Yarniad


Chunky Brioche Cowl by dianelaugustin


Scallop of the Sea by KatieCanavan


Elephant by Knitables


Newborn Baby-Bear Hat by Beezy Mom's Creations


Katrine's Sweater by Katrine H


Pink Ribbon Bracelet by Feel Good Yarn Co.


Avena Cowl by Littletheorem Knits


Shark by Natty Knits


New Girl by The Sweatshop of Love


Snowcloud Cardigan by Littletheorem Knits


Set Sail Top by Blue Betty


Lacy Infinity Scarf by Industrial Whimsy


3 Simple Baskets by Cute Little Crafts


A Little Boy's Bunny by Mad Man Knitting