As a school teacher, I spend my days with the future leaders, educators, artists, professional video gamers, and scientists of America (and at least one US president). I spend my evenings knitting, sewing, watching American and BBC crime dramas, and wishing I lived at Hogwarts. I was fortunate enough to attend an elementary school where arts and crafts were part of the curriculum, and, for this, I will forever be grateful to the state of New ... Read Full Bio »


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Swoon India Hobo Bag by Swoon Patterns


Criollo by Lete's Knits


Quilted Lattice Ascot by Pam Powers Knits


Sparkler Quilt Pattern by Freshly Pieced


Roza Blouse & Dress by Kate & Rose


Oliver reindeer by Phoenixknits


Eden Shawl. by Amanda Lilley Designs


Shallows Mitts by Blue Peninsula


Pookies by Barbara Prime's Fuzzy Mitten


Options Slippers for Women by Kriskrafter


Easy As Pie by Maiden Brooklyn


Super Easy Wallet Pattern by Soubelles


That Funky Monkey by Pipp's Patterns


Owl Tote'em by The Hat & I


Newborn Caps - Baby Hats by JeanieK


ww BOM Buddies by


Sexy Vesty by CanaryKnits


Bilberry Shawl by Agrarian Artisan


Magical Malabrigo Scarf by TreasureGoddess


Glam Shells by Maiden Brooklyn


Handpaint Scarf by Lavender Hill Knits


Inverted Star Tutorial by Common Threads