I love all crafting. I've done rubber stamping, ikebana, beading, knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, some cake decorating, quilting, and sewing over the years. Right now, I'm into sewing and quilting. My craft room is disorganized and messy. I have way too many rubber stamps, but I love them. I just want to craft 24/7 if helping with school homework, chaufeurring the kids, housework, work, cooking, and laundry didn't get in the way.


SweetJasmine's Wishlist: Patterns

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How to Applique Tutorial by The TipToe Fairy


Tea Pot paper pieced block by Bubblestitch


Mei Mei Kokeshi Doll by www.mutts.etsy.com


Chibi Kokeshi Doll by www.mutts.etsy.com


Mermaid Applique by EverLaughter


Ninja by astridthecrafty


Beaded Cloche by Beverly's Crochet Designs


Caput Helianthus by Rose City Knits


Juliet Cap Hat by TimaryArt Designs


Abigail Lace Hat with flower by Frayed Knot


Radiant Sun Hat by Linda Permann Designs


Newborn Caps - Baby Hats by JeanieK