I've loved fabric since I was a little girl. I sew mainly home decor items and, from time to time, will take the plunge and make an item of clothing for myself. I want to refine my sewing skills and begin to make more of my own clothing. In addition to sewing, I have taken up knitting in recent years. Being a lefty and sequence-challenged, knitting is, indeed, a bit of a challenge! But, I am getting the hang of it and would like to become good ... Read Full Bio »


GailCreates's Wishlist: Patterns

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Maenad by Stolen Stitches


Midnight Shrug by Stolen Stitches


Ice by BernioliesDesigns


Kimono Styled Sweater by Rope Knits


Diamonds Cuff by Manek-Manek Beads


Rose of Sharon by Juelles Designs


Diamante II by Maiden Brooklyn