I live in the north of Italy

Hello, I'm Valentina, I live in northern Italy and I'm a creator of beaded jewelry. I love so much to create accessories, in fact this has become my job. I live near the sea, here you can feel the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle, the colors and scents of Italy are a source of inspiration for me. Each jewel comes from a design and a deep study. Every style, material and shape tell a part of my personality, my taste of life, which ... Read Full Bio »

Alkymnia's Pattern Store: Winter Lace Earrings

Flower beaded earrings with Superduo


Alchemilla Beaded Beads TUTORIAL


Earrings with Swarovski and roun pearl


Earrings with round pearl and superduo


Bead embroidery pendant TUTORIAL


Big beaded pendant with Superduo


Pendant with superduo and round beads


Round earrings with fire polish DIY


Sunflower earrings in bead embroidery


Swarovski cube bracelet TUTORIAL


Beaded Cross with superduo and Swarovski


Eligea earrings,beaded earrings tutorial


SuperDuo and Swarovski TUTORIAL, Estrell


MaryGrace Pendant Swarovski,superduo


Notre-Dame Earrings with seed beads and


Pentesilea Pendant, with superduo and fi


Opulence Bracelet with Rulla and Superdu


Candy earrings


Lotus Pendant with Superduo and Rulla


Rulla beads bracelet - Bangkok bracelet


Gipsy Lace Earrings


Winter Lace Earrings with Superduo beads


SuperDuo Bead TUTORIAL, Calipso earrings


Superduo and Pellet earrings Tutorial


Lentil beads earrings Tutorial


Pellet and superduo TUTORIAL, Pentastar


Beaded bead TUTORIAL withSwarovski


Superduo Cross TUTORIAL with Swarovski