Crochet Gert

British Columbia Canada

I started crocheting when I was 13 yrs old. I mainly crocheted blankets. I stopped crocheting when I was around 25. I am now a grandmother of 6. I quit my regular job when it became apparent I was having issue with a regular attendance due to some medical issues. In 2010 I started to babysit my grandkids. I needed something else to do so I took up crocheting again. That is when my true addiction started. I now have a spare room full of yarn. I ... Read Full Bio »

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Princess Tutu Skort


Zoomba Hoodie Cowl


Outlander Inspired Cowl


Robyn Hood


Vaporizer Holder Necklace for EVOD


Carol's Hooded Cowl


Betsy Short or Skirt and Shrug Set


Sailing Around Loafers


Soshana Cowl


Brooklyn Chunky Newsboy Cap


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